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“As it is, the bish­ops’ agenda seems po­lit­i­cal as well as moral. They haven’t been able to per­suade Catholic women or their part­ners not to use birth con­trol, so they want the gov­ern­ment to do it for them. And they ex­pect they can strong-arm Mr. Obama in an elec­tion year, be­cause Catholics make up about a quar­ter of the U.S. pop­u­la­tion. If the bish­ops got their way, the health of mil­lions of women could be jeop­ar­dized and the health re­form law could be­come in­op­er­a­ble. If that is the bish­ops’ agenda, they should say so.”

—Pitts­burgh Post-gazette “The en­tire (con­tra­cep­tion cov­er­age) or­deal is an­other re­minder of the prob­lem with the United States’ health in­sur­ance sys­tem that is based on em­ploy­ers pro­vid­ing the in­sur­ance. As this news­pa­per has ar­gued on our ed­i­to­rial pages for years, your boss doesn’t se­lect your home­own­ers’ in­sur­ance or car in­sur­ance, and it shouldn’t be se­lect­ing which health in­sur­ance you pur­chase. … And it leads to ex­actly the kind of sit­u­a­tion the coun­try is now wit­ness­ing with some church em­ploy­ers and chur­chaf­fil­i­ated em­ploy­ers.”

—Des Moines (Iowa) Reg­is­ter

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