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In a pub­li­ca­tion no­table mostly for a re­li­ably statist slant on health­care, Mclaugh­lin’s “Shaky out­look” piece stands out as be­ing es­pe­cially ig­no­rant and big­oted. The Catholic Church can’t live with the ad hoc con­tra­cep­tive man­date cooked up by the pres­i­dent and Ms. Se­be­lius. Like­wise, it is only a mat­ter of time be­fore equally provoca­tive and ob­jec­tion­able man­dates are pro­mul­gated for North­bay Health­care Corp., the small, sec­u­lar 501(c)(3) hospi­tal sys­tem on whose board I serve. This pres­i­dent will not stop un­til the eco­nom­ics, cul­ture and ethics of health­care bend to his rad­i­cal ide­ol­ogy—thereby un­der­min­ing and pos­si­bly de­stroy­ing the civil so­ci­ety that made my hospi­tal and the Catholic sys­tem pos­si­ble.

While a prac­tic­ing Catholic, I’ll ig­nore Mclaugh­lin’s sub­tle big­otry and let the bish- ops fight that bat­tle, not­ing, how­ever, that Mr. Obama and his soul mate Mclaugh­lin have ap­par­ently for­got­ten that Joe Stalin sim­i­larly un­der­es­ti­mated the Church—while shar­ing a mis­placed faith in com­mand-and-con­trol eco­nom­ics.

Stephen Power Va­cav­ille, Calif.

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