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Hospi­tal ad­vo­cates are push­ing to stop or roll back 11 Medi­care add- on pay­ments that

af­fect hos­pi­tals and ex­pire this year

Ex­pi­ra­tion: March 31

Hospi­tal wage- in­dex im­prove­ment Physi­cian fee sched­ule men­tal health add- on

Ex­pi­ra­tion: July 1

Medi­care rea­son­able costs pay­ments for cer­tain clin­i­cal di­ag­nos­tic lab­o­ra­tory tests fur­nished to hospi­tal pa­tients in cer­tain ru­ral ar­eas Pay­ment for the tech­ni­cal com­po­nent of cer­tain physi­cian pathol­ogy ser­vices

Ex­pi­ra­tion: Sept. 30

Im­proved pay­ments for low-vol­ume hos­pi­tals Medi­care De­pen­dent Hospi­tal add- on

Ex­pi­ra­tion: Dec. 31

Out­pa­tient hold- harm­less pro­vi­sion Ex­cep­tions process for Medi­care ther­apy caps Physi­cian work ge­o­graphic cost- in­dex floor un­der the Medi­care physi­cian fee sched­ule Air and ground am­bu­lance add- on re­im­burse­ments for ex­tremely ru­ral hos­pi­tals Pay­ment for qual­i­fy­ing hos­pi­tals in low- spend­ing coun­ties

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