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Best Doc­tors is an in­ter­na­tional clin­i­cal ad­vo­cacy group that en­sures in­di­vid­u­als re­ceive the cor­rect di­ag­no­sis by pro­vid­ing data as part of em­ploy­ers’ health ben­e­fits. HOW IT GREW:

When peo­ple talk about de­creas­ing the cost of health­care for em­ploy­ers, the mea­sures con­sid­ered can in­volve slash­ing em­ployee rolls and low­er­ing the qual­ity of in­sur­ance of­fered. Best Doc­tors has seen its rev­enue jump over 90% from 2008 through 2011 (from $63.7 mil­lion to $121.2 mil­lion, re­spec­tively), by of­fer­ing an­other op­tion: mak­ing the health­care re­ceived more ac­cu­rate, and there­fore more ef­fec­tive and ef­fi­cient.

“We pro­vide a data set that helps peo­ple make sure they’re get­ting the right di­ag­no­sis and treat­ment. We are to­tally ded­i­cated to mak­ing sure peo­ple get the right care,” says Evan Falchuk, Best Doc­tors’ vice chair­man. “We are chang­ing the way peo­ple think about health­care to have it fo­cus on do­ing what’s right, and tak­ing the guess­work out of it.”

As Falchuk and his col­leagues at Best Doc­tors see things, the na­tional con­ver­sa­tion about health­care is largely miss­ing the point. Amid the noise, Best Doc­tors is­sues a clar­ion call for a fo­cus on cor­rect di­ag­noses.

“The world of health­care is chang­ing, and peo­ple are start­ing to re­al­ize the ma­jor prob­lem plagu­ing our health­care sys­tem is peo­ple not get­ting the right di­ag­no­sis,” Falchuk says.

Best Doc­tors, Falchuk says, of­fers a so­lu­tion to that prob­lem, and the com­pany has been grow­ing be­cause it pro­vides some­thing vi­tal to the in­dus­try. The com­pany cov­ers about 30 mil­lion peo­ple world­wide, and it con­tin­ued to en­joy record growth in 2011. A re­cent news re­lease at­trib­uted the com­pany’s growth to Best Doc­tors’ “unique abil­ity to over­come the world’s trou­bled health­care sys­tems.”

Last year proved suc­cess­ful for the com­pany in its mis­sion to make sure peo­ple re­ceive cor­rect treat­ment. In 2011, the com­pany re­ported it had cor­rected or re­fined di­ag­noses in 29% of its U.S.-based cases and cor­rected or im­proved treat­ment in nearly 60% of cases.

While Best Doc­tors’ goal is to en­sure proper di­ag­noses, com­pany of­fi­cials say the se­cret to its suc­cess is driven by its abil­ity to save com­pa­nies money.

“Our clients in­clude a grow­ing num­ber of For­tune 500 com­pa­nies. They like what we do be­cause it is a pro-em­ployer, proem­ployee, pa­tient-cen­tric sys­tem that helps them spend their health­care dol­lars wisely,” Falchuk says.

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