Fac­ing a para­dox

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In re­sponse to your re­cent ar­ti­cle, “Anal­y­sis: Slow growth in health spend­ing largely due to re­ces­sion, weak econ­omy” (ModernHealth­care.com, April 22), a real para­dox is upon us. On one hand, we must rein in this out-of­con­trol med­i­cal spend­ing. Cost con­tain­ment is the or­der of the day. But we can­not slow the growth in health­care spend­ing be­cause it may have eco­nomic ef­fects. There­fore, cost should in­crease. And keep health­care a po­lit­i­cal football for Wash­ing­ton bo­zos and in­com­pe­tents to fum­ble re­peat­edly while buy­ing votes.

Ig­nore re­al­ity and blame some­one else for the fail­ure while claim­ing we have the best med­i­cal care in the world. And the mad­ness con­tin­ues. Dr.JamesW.Davis Cull­man,Ala.

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