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“I bet you more peo­ple could tell you the name of the new prince of Eng­land than could tell you that the health mar­ket opens Oct. 1.”

—HHS Sec­re­tary Kath­leen Se­be­lius “We’re still hav­ing trou­ble con­vinc­ing peo­ple that the things that get found as a con­se­quence of mam­mog­ra­phy and P.S.A. test­ing and other screen­ing de­vices are not al­ways ma­lig­nan­cies in the clas­si­cal sense that will kill you. Just as the gen­eral pub­lic is catch­ing up to this idea, there are sci­en­tists who are catch­ing up, too.” —Dr. Harold Var­mus, No­bel Prize-win­ning di­rec­tor of the National Can­cer In­sti­tute

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