Pre­scrib­ing ad­dic­tive drugs to boost scores isn’t ‘un­likely’ sce­nario

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Re­gard­ing the ar­ti­cle “Se­na­tors con­cerned docs pre­scrib­ing ad­dic­tive drugs to boost sur­vey scores” (, June 25): Un­likely sce­nario? This is a to­tally “likely” sce­nario that is hap­pen­ing ev­ery day. Talk to an emer­gency depart­ment physician. They are pres­sured into giv­ing nar­cotics to nar­cotic ad­dicts to keep their “like­abil­ity” scores high. It is never a sur­prise that the CMS is out of touch with the de­liv­ery of med­i­cal care.

Dr. James Frost Pen­sacola, Fla.

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