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“Claim­ing that for-profit businesses can­not ex­er­cise re­li­gion re­flects the mech­a­nis­tic lib­eral view that com­pa­nies only ex­ist to max­i­mize dol­lars ‘at the ex­pense of ev­ery­thing else.’ But of course cor­po­ra­tions have many other goals, such as char­i­ta­ble causes, green en­ergy or, yes, pro­mot­ing moral be­liefs.” —Wall Street Jour­nal, June 30

“The rul­ing is nar­rowly tai­lored and, with its nu­mer­ous qual­i­fiers, doesn’t ap­pear to cre­ate the slip­pery slope threats that the court’s dis­senters imag­ine. Congress and the Obama ad­min­is­tra­tion can find ways to pro­vide con­tra­cep­tion with­out in­volv­ing em­ploy­ers.” —Chicago Tri­bune, June 30

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