Hobby Lobby case had noth­ing to do with women’s rights

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This was the right de­ci­sion and has zero to do with women’s rights, “Supreme Court backs Hobby Lobby; em­ploy­ers can deny con­tra­cep­tive cov­er­age,” (Mod­ern­Health­care.com June 30). It is about per­sonal ac­count­abil­ity and re­li­gious free­dom. This rul­ing does not pre­vent women from hav­ing ac­cess to con­tra­cep­tion and it does not al­low Hobby Lobby to pre­vent their em­ploy­ees from us­ing birth con­trol. It sim­ply says that Hobby Lobby and sim­i­lar em­ploy­ers will not be re­quired to pay for abor­ti­fa­cients. If hav­ing birth con­trol and abor­ti­fa­cients paid for is the pri­mary rea­son a woman works for a com­pany or is so im­por­tant that noth­ing else mat­ters, then she is of course free to work for some­one who strongly be­lieves their job is to pay for all types of birth con­trol or who sim­ply isn’t op­posed to pay­ing for it for re­li­gious rea­sons. Sim- ply put, a woman’s de­sire for free/cov­ered abor­ti­fa­cients does not trump a pri­vate em­ployer’s right to ob­ject to pro­vid­ing them for re­li­gious rea­sons. Re­li­gious free­dom, not free­dom from re­li­gion, is what our coun­try was founded on and re­mains a right we must pro­tect. Jackie Porter, R.N. Troutville, Va.

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