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Two health­care sub­jects topped Face­book’s list of the most popular top­ics in the U.S. for 2014: Ebola and the Ice Bucket Chal­lenge. Ebola came in sec­ond on the most popular list world­wide, edged out by

Ebola also the World Cup. … fea­tured in Poli­ti­Fact’s Lie of the Year for 2014, with ex­ag­ger­a­tions about the out­break of the deadly virus tak­ing the top (dis)honor. “Fear of the dis­ease stretched to ev­ery cor­ner of Amer­ica this fall, stoked by ex­ag­ger­ated claims from politi­cians and pun­dits. They said Ebola was easy to catch, that il­le­gal im­mi­grants may be car­ry­ing the virus across the south­ern bor­der, that it was all part of a gov­ern­ment or cor­po­rate con­spir­acy,” Poli­ti­Fact

The Bri­tish Med­i­cal said. … Jour­nal weighs in on the bat­tle of the sexes in its al­ways whim­si­cal Christ­mas is­sue, with re­search firmly sup­port­ing the “male idiot the­ory.”

After re­view­ing the win­ners of 20 years of the Dar­win Awards— who “must elim­i­nate them­selves from the gene pool in such an id­i­otic man­ner that their ac­tion en­sures one less idiot will sur­vive,” BMJ ex­plains—88.7% of the win­ners were of the male per­sua­sion.

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