Could you be a pizza ad­dict?

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Do you find your­self crav­ing cer­tain foods a di­eti­tian wouldn’t rec­om­mend overindulging in? Sci­ence may not have a so­lu­tion, but it pos­si­bly can sup­ply a rea­son.

A study of 120 un­der­grad­u­ates at the Univer­sity of Michi­gan found that ad­dic­tive eat­ing be­hav­iors are most of­ten as­so­ci­ated with pro­cessed foods that are higher in fat and known to cause spikes in blood sugar lev­els. The most ad­dic­tive foods sound like the menu at a child’s birth­day party: pizza, choco­late, chips, cook­ies, ice cream and french fries.

The re­searchers found that pro­cess­ing food—ver­sus sell­ing food prod­ucts in their nat­u­ral state—was a ma­jor fac­tor in de­ter­min­ing whether a food was as­so­ci­ated with ad­dic­tive be­hav­ior.

“In a sim­i­lar man­ner that drugs are pro­cessed to in­crease their ad­dic­tive po­ten­tial, this study pro­vides insight that highly pro­cessed foods may be in­ten­tion­ally man­u­fac­tured to be par­tic­u­larly re­ward­ing through the ad­di­tion of fat and re­fined car­bo­hy­drates, like white flour and sugar,” said Erica Schulte, a psy­chol­ogy doc­toral stu­dent at the Univer­sity of Michi­gan and the study’s lead author.

And in yet an­other omen for meat lovers, an­other re­cent study found that pro­cessed meats such as ba­con and sausage con­tain car­cino­gens that can in­crease the risk of can­cer.

Cheese­burg­ers ranked No. 7 among the top 10 most ad­dic­tive foods.

And the ba­con used in the Univer­sity of Michi­gan study, which was de­scribed as un­pro­cessed, ranked No. 18.

Mm­m­m­mmm. Ba­con cheese­burger.

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