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Health plans will face penal­ties for pub­lish­ing in­ac­cu­rate provider di­rec­to­ries: Medi­care Ad­van­tage plans will have to pay $25,000 per day per mem­ber, while fed­eral ex­change plans must pay $100 per day per mem­ber.

All em­ploy­ers with at least 50 full-time-equiv­a­lent employees must of­fer af­ford­able health in­sur­ance or face penal­ties un­der the Af­ford­able Care Act, which would be a min­i­mum of $2,000 per full-time em­ployee. Pre­vi­ously, the rule ap­plied only to com­pa­nies with 100 or more FTE employees.

The CMS will im­ple­ment Medi­care’s manda­tory value-based pur­chas­ing pro­gram for home health agen­cies in nine states.

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