Medi­care for All? What about all those work­ers who would be dis­rupted?

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Re­gard­ing the re­cent com­men­tary “Amid on­go­ing drama over health­care re­form, there’s an­other so­lu­tion hid­ing in plain sight” (July 24, p. 25), yes, to­day’s health­care de­liv­ery sys­tem is far from per­fect, mak­ing “Medi­care for All” sound sexy and sen­si­ble.

One sim­ple ques­tion that isn’t be­ing ad­dressed should Medi­care for All be se­ri­ously con­sid­ered: What do you do for the hun­dreds of thou­sands of mid­dle-class peo­ple em­ployed in our cur­rent sys­tem, who could lose their mid­dle-class in­comes, used to sup­port their mid­dle-class chil­dren in their mid­dle-class neigh­bor­hoods?

The ar­ti­cle speaks of highly paid in­sur­ance ex­ec­u­tives as if they are the only in­sur­ance mid­dle­men in­volved. True, they make ex­ces­sive in­comes, but far, far less than the com­bined in­comes of all the other health­care in­sur­ance and in­dus­try em­ploy­ees who would be dis­rupted un­der such a plan.

Keith Tay­lor Walling­ford, Conn.

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