Old Gauge, Mod­ern Cham­ber

It’s a new era for the 28-gauge shot­gun

Modern Pioneer - - Contents - By Thomas C. Ta­bor

It’s rare that some­thing so in­no­va­tive en­ters the shoot­ing world that you can’t ig­nore it, but when Benelli USA stretched out the 28-gauge shot­shell from its tra­di­tional 2 ¾-inch length to a full 3 inches, I no­ticed. While most other shot­gun gauges had long been length­ened to 3 inches—some even to 3 ½ inches—for unknown rea­sons, the 28-gauge re­mained stag­nant at 2 ¾ inches, un­til now. En­ter Benelli’s Ethos semi-au­to­matic 3-inch-cham­bered shot­gun.

A shot­gun can­not be recham­bered to a new shell length with­out first con­sid­er­ing where the am­mu­ni­tion will come from. Un­til 2016, 3-inch 28-gauge shot­shells didn’t ex­ist. To ad­dress that con­cern, Benelli and Ital­ian am­mu­ni­tion man­u­fac­turer Fiocchi made an agree­ment: Benelli would pro­duce the Ethos semi-au­to­matic 28-gauge shot­gun with a 3-inch cham­ber, and Fiocchi would pro­duce 3-inch shot­shells for it. The re­sult­ing pack­age brought the lit­tle 28-gauge boldly into the 21st cen­tury.


Fiocchi’s roots date back to 1876 when it be­gan man­u­fac­tur­ing mus­kets in Lecco, Italy. How­ever, due to fi­nan­cial strife within that mar­ket about a year later, they be­gan pro­duc­ing and mar­ket­ing hunt­ing and sport­ing am­mu­ni­tion. More re­cently, Fiocchi has ex­panded those op­er­a­tions to in­clude fac­to­ries in Hun­gary, Great Bri­tain and the U.S., of­fer­ing a broad am­mu­ni­tion se­lec­tion.

Benelli’s Ethos Shot­gun

Benelli has been pro­duc­ing its semi-au­to­matic Ethos shot­guns for a few years, of­fer­ing them in both 12- and 20-gauge con­fig­u­ra­tions. The Ethos has been a very suc­cess­ful shot­gun de­sign for Benelli, and a very pop­u­lar choice for shoot­ers and hun­ters, largely due to its sim­plis­tic de­sign, light weight and over­all at­trac­tive­ness. By ex­pand­ing the line to in­clude not only the 28 gauge, but also the new-and-im­proved 3-inch ver­sion, this fine shot­gun and the 28 gauge in gen­eral have a new ap­peal.

“… the new-andim­proved 3-inch ver­sion … adds new ap­peal to this fine shot­gun and the 28 gauge in gen­eral.”

The new Benelli Ethos 3-inch 28-gauge is an im­pres­sive, high-qual­ity firearm that any shooter can proudly own. PHOTO COURTESY OF BENELLI USA The Benelli Ethos’ wal­nut stock is at­trac­tively and pro­fes­sion­ally check­ered. PHOTO BY THOMAS C. TA­BOR

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