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As an avid archer and bowhunter, I fre­quently tin­ker with my equip­ment. That’s par­tially be­cause I worked at an archery pro shop as a tech­ni­cian for 10 years, but also be­cause I get sat­is­fac­tion from tak­ing game with equip­ment that I set up and tune my­self. I also test and eval­u­ate equip­ment from man­u­fac­tur­ers, plus I han­dle any ser­vic­ing my wife’s bow needs, as well.

Ev­ery time I get a new bow, I out­fit it with ac­ces­sories and tune it. Some­times our bows need mi­nor ad­just­ments on short no­tice dur­ing bowhunt­ing sea­son, too. This, of course, re­quires tools.

You can prob­a­bly imag­ine how many trips I’d make to an archery shop and the money I’d spend if I didn’t have the knowl­edge and ne­ces­si­ties to work on and ser­vice our bows at home. So, I use Last Chance Archery’s eco­nom­i­cal EZ Green bow press, EZ Green vise and Hand­held Bow Scale. These out­stand­ing prod­ucts are es­sen­tial to my home bow shop.

EZ Green Press

If you’re un­aware, a bow press sim­ply “presses” the bow un­til the bow­string’s tension re­leases, al­low­ing you to work on the bow, per­haps in­stalling a peep sight or ad­just­ing cam syn­chro­niza­tion, among other things.

Most of the mar­ket’s bow presses are de­signed for com­mer­cial use in an archery re­tail store. As such, they’re of­ten cum­ber­some and take up a lot of space. They’re not ex­actly friendly for home bow shops.

The EZ Green reme­dies that. Not only is it far more af­ford­able than most bow presses of equal crafts­man­ship, it’s also re­mark­ably com­pact. Plus, it can be ac­ces­sorized to fur­ther sim­plify bow work. Last Chance also of­fers a plethora of clever ad­dons that in­clude tool trays and sev­eral mount­ing op­tions. The EZ Green press can ei­ther be mounted to a bench as is, or it can be used in con­junc­tion with Last Chance’s floor stand or hitch mount (both sold sep­a­rately), which slides into the hitch re­ceiver on the back of your ve­hi­cle. Trav­el­ing archers and bowhunters will find the sec­ond op­tion quite use­ful.

Last Chance bow presses fea­ture a patented fin­ger sys­tem that presses the limb tips just as if the bow were be­ing drawn back, which doesn’t twist the limbs or stress/torque the riser. Ad­di­tion­ally, limb adapters are avail­able for most com­pound bow makes so that limbs aren’t dam­aged while press­ing your bow.

A mea­sur­ing tape is in­te­grated so you can eas­ily ad­just the press for your bow’s axle-to-axle length prior to press­ing. Press­ing the bow is sim­ple: Hold the bow’s limb tips against the press’ fin­gers, then sim­ply turn the hand crank clock­wise un­til the bow­string’s tension re­leases.

There are sev­eral items, as an archer, I wouldn’t be caught dead with­out. The EZ Green press is high on the list.

EZ Green Vise

Con­ve­nience is an as­set when per­form­ing bow work that re­quires both hands. The EZ Green bow vise mounts to a work­bench. It firmly grasps the bow, hold­ing it up­right for op­er­a­tions like ty­ing on a string loop, yet of­fer­ing the ver­sa­til­ity to ori­ent the bow to vir­tu­ally any an­gle for other tasks us­ing a 360° ax­isad­just­ment sys­tem. The vise’s con­nec­tion points are cush­ioned with rub­ber tub­ing to pre­vent limb scuffs and dam­age. I’ve worked on bows with and with­out a bow vise, and with­out ques­tion, a vise al­lows a bow tech­ni­cian to per­form work more pre­cisely with hands-free con­ve­nience. For the price, the EZ Green bow vise is a no-brainer. Hand­held Bow Scale

While work­ing as a bow tech­ni­cian, I learned that few cus­tomers knew their bow’s draw weight. They’d take a guess, but then be sur­prised when we’d re­veal that it was sig­nif­i­cantly higher or lower than they’d orig­i­nally be­lieved. My ques­tion is this: Why guess when you can know?

The Hand­held Bow Scale sim­pli­fies draw-weight checks: Sim­ply in­sert the de­vice’s hook into your string loop and draw your bow. Of course, the high­est dig­i­tal read­ing as you draw is your draw weight, but you can also con­tinue to full draw and hold there to read the hold­ing weight. One-stop Home Bow Shop

The prod­ucts I’ve out­lined here are out­stand­ing, but they rep­re­sent only a frac­tion of Last Chance Archery’s of­fer­ings. Many more ac­ces­sories and de­vices are avail­able: grain scales, fletch­ing jigs and ad­vanced-grade bow presses, among oth­ers. But, for the home bow shop, the three prod­ucts I’ve cov­ered here will get you started. I’ve used other bow presses and vises in the past, yet none are as sim­ple and con­ve­nient as those from Last Chance Archery. With them (and a lit­tle knowhow), you can per­form most tech­ni­cal bow op­er­a­tions from the com­fort of home. That’s hard to beat.

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