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Lines must be checked daily. Some­times I check my lines a cou­ple of times per day when I have the time. When I first started go­ing af­ter tur­tles more than two decades ago, I didn’t check my lines but once a day. Then, one day I set a line at a small farm pond. By the time I’d walked half­way around the 1-acre pond, I no­ticed my first set had a tur­tle. Only 10 min­utes had passed since I’d put the line in the wa­ter.

Tur­tles are very ac­tive in warm weather. I’ve found that I catch more tur­tles now that I check my lines more of­ten through­out the day. The sooner I can get a tur­tle out and re­make my set, the sooner I can catch an­other tur­tle.

An­other rea­son to check your lines daily is to re-bait your hooks. Be­cause of those pesky lit­tle snap­pers and painted tur­tles, you’ll have plenty of bare hooks. Un-baited hooks don’t catch tur­tles.

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