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Since I’ve owned my Kub­ota B26 trac­tor, many en­vi­ous peo­ple have quizzed me on its use­ful­ness. I’ve now had it longer than 10 years, and have never re­gret­ted pur­chas­ing it. Here are a cou­ple things I’ve learned. Four-wheel drive is a must for me, and can work cir­cles around two-wheel-drive trac­tors.

Se­condly, not ev­ery­body needs a back­hoe, but they’re very handy. I’d spend the money and get one with a back­hoe, even though you’ll pay a lot more for it. A trac­tor pays for it­self by the work that it does. If you’re still rent­ing or bor­row­ing equip­ment for dig­ging while own­ing a trac­tor, you’ve messed up.

Thirdly, horse­power (HP) isn’t ev­ery­thing. This trac­tor is 26 HP and has power to spare, granted this model is com­mer­cial grade. Lastly, fill your tires 50-75% with non-freez­able liq­uid. Most tire shops can do this for you. It gives the trac­tor sta­bil­ity and added trac­tion.

A qual­ity trac­tor like this Kub­ota B26 will pay for it­self through many years of use in the time and ef­fort it saves. PHOTO BY CLAY NEW­COMB

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