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This first one isn’t re­ally a recipe, just a sim­ple di­rec­tion: Gen­tly rub co­conut oil onto your hard­wood floor­ing.


• Co­conut oil


• Clean, dry towel

Di­rec­tions STEP 1 Clean the hard­wood.

Do this be­fore you ap­ply any type of var­nish; it’s pos­si­bly the most im­por­tant step. If you don’t wipe away the dust and grime be­fore var­nish­ing, you’ll only rub them deeper into the wood.

To clean the hard­wood prop­erly, first vac­uum and then mop. Next, wipe the floor with ei­ther a damp rag or a barely damp mop to pick up any­thing the vac­uum and mop missed.


Rub the co­conut oil into the cor­ner of a dry cloth.

A lit­tle goes a long way.


Ap­ply the oil to the hard­wood in a cir­cu­lar mo­tion.

Use a light hand. Don’t force or rub the oil in vig­or­ously. Once you can no longer see the oil and the floor looks cleaner and shinier, move on to an­other sec­tion. Con­tinue un­til you’ve cov­ered the en­tire floor.

“... if you ... don’t want to take any chances with your fam­ily’s health, why not try your hand at mak­ing your own var­nish from nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents ...”

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