Un­dress­ing to Get Warm?

Modern Pioneer - - Hypothermia -

Alarm­ingly, 20-50% of hy­pother­mia vic­tims die af­ter para­dox­i­cal un­dress­ing. This is a state of hy­pother­mia that oc­curs dur­ing the mod­er­ate to se­vere stage in which the un­for­tu­nate vic­tim in­ex­pli­ca­bly dis­cards their cloth­ing, which in­creases their body’s rate of tem­per­a­ture loss. The per­son un­der this strange in­flu­ence is usu­ally con­fused, dis­ori­en­tated and some­times com­bat­ive and ag­gres­sive.

The­o­ries vary as to why this hap­pens. One sug­gests that the part of the brain that reg­u­lates tem­per­a­ture, the hy­po­thal­a­mus, mal­func­tions dur­ing ex­treme cold weather; while an­other sug­gests that con­tracted blood ves­sels can sud­denly re­lax, re­leas­ing a surge of blood and heat, trick­ing the vic­tim into think­ing their body is over­heat­ing. No mat­ter what causes this unique, yet deadly char­ac­ter­is­tic of hy­pother­mia, it can be avoided if pre­cau­tions are taken be­fore one ven­tures out­side, and to never al­low your frag­ile body to reach those dan­ger­ous and ul­ti­mately deadly lev­els of cold.

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