Wine Charms

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Wine charms are per­fect for gift­ing to friends or adding to your own wine glasses to give your home a warm and invit­ing feel through­out the hol­i­day sea­son.

Tools and Sup­plies

Beads Craft-store ear­rings Jump rings Charms Jew­elry pli­ers or nee­dle-nose pli­ers (two pairs)

Note: Craft-store ear­rings come in two dif­fer­ent va­ri­eties: pre-bent and straight. The pack­age doesn’t note this; you’ll just have to look at the ear­rings them­selves. If you do buy a pack­age of pre-bent ear­rings, you can skip the se­cond step in the di­rec­tions be­low.


1 Ex­am­ine one of your jump rings. You will see that there is a cut some­where in the ring. Us­ing jew­elry pli­ers or nee­dle-nose pli­ers, hold onto one of the jump rings by plac­ing one plier on each side of the cut. Push one plier away from you while si­mul­ta­ne­ously pulling one plier to­wards you. Do this only un­til the two sides of the ring are sep­a­rate enough so that you can slide a charm onto one, but no fur­ther.

2 Slide the charm onto a jump ring. Then, use the pli­ers to bend the two sides of the ring back into place so that the ring is once again a per­fect cir­cle.

3 Us­ing one pair of pli­ers, twist the loop in the ear­ring so that the hole in the loop is fac­ing the pointed end of the ear­ring. Then bend the pointed end of the ear­ring at a 90-de­gree an­gle so that when you pull the pointed end through the hole, they cling to one another, as though it’s a reg­u­lar ear­ring.

4 Slide the beads and the charm onto the ear­ring. You can ar­range them how­ever you like. We placed our beads and charm in a sym­met­ri­cal pat­tern.

5 These are great gifts and make a fun dec­o­ra­tion. There’s no end to the amount of wine charms you can make.

01: Wine charms make cute hol­i­day gifts. 02: These are the tools and sup­plies you’ll need. 03: Un­bent craft store ear­rings 04: Jump rings and charms 05: The jump ring is bent so that a charm can be slipped onto it. 06 & 07: Fin­ished charms are per­fect...

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