Wine-cork An­gel Or­na­ments

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Or­na­ments are some of the hol­i­day sea­son’s most pop­u­lar gifts. They’re so pop­u­lar, in fact, that en­tire par­ties are ded­i­cated to ex­chang­ing or­na­ments. Here’s a method for mak­ing or­na­ments that re­pur­poses left­over wine corks.

Tools and Sup­plies

Wine corks (use real cork, not syn­thetic) Wooden dowel caps Ma­te­rial for wings (we used burlap with dec­o­ra­tive rib­bon) Twine Per­ma­nent marker Hot glue gun Glue sticks


1 Draw a face on one of the dowel caps. We did sleep­ing an­gels, smil­ing an­gels and singing an­gels. For singing an­gels we used dowel caps with holes in them as the mouths.

2 Glue the an­gel head onto a cork. Be lib­eral with the glue, but not ex­ces­sive. Place the head on and set­tle it in. There’s no need to try to hide the glue un­der the head be­cause we’ll be cov­er­ing it up with twine later. Al­low the glue to dry.

3 Cre­ate the wings by scrunch­ing a piece of burlap or rib­bon in the mid­dle and wrap­ping twine around sev­eral times. Leave slack in the twine on both ends so that you can tie it to­gether above the wings to cre­ate a loop to hang the or­na­ment.

4 Ap­ply hot glue to the mid­dle of the wings and paste them to the back of the cork. Hold the wings un­til the glue has set.

5 Us­ing a shoe­string knot, give the an­gel a bow tie. This will cover up the ex­cess glue be­low the head, and it looks cute.

Gift Away!

You’ve made melt-and-pour pep­per­mint soap, wine charms and wine-cork an­gels. Put them all in stock­ings and gift bas­kets, and place them around your home for every­one to en­joy. Merry Christ­mas!


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