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6x6" piece of col­or­ful fab­ric 6x6" piece of 100% linen fab­ric Match­ing thread ½ cup dried laven­der Cre­ate a batch of beau­ti­ful sa­chets and make your house smell amaz­ing at the same time. This su­per-sim­ple sewing project is great way to make some­thing spe­cial for Mother’s Day, teacher ap­pre­ci­a­tion, a thank you gift, a house­warm­ing gift... you get the idea! Stock up on them and you’ll never be with­out a quick present. Oh, and it’s an awe­some way to use up those pretty fab­ric scraps.

Cut 6” squares of fab­ric and 01 linen. I usu­ally cut a bunch at once and then sew up batches of sa­chets.

Stack your top and bot­tom 02 fab­ric with the right side fac­ing in­side. 03 Start sewing about ¾ of the way down the right side and con­tinue all the way around the square un­til you have a cou­ple inches left. Back stitch with your ma­chine. I sew about ¼” in from the edge. You’ll want to leave a big enough open­ing to work with, so sew slowly. 04 Cut the cor­ners off care­fully. This helps the cor­ners look nice when it’s fin­ished.

05 Flip the sa­chet to show the right side of the fab­ric on the out­side. Flat­ten it a bit and make sure your cor­ners look sharp by us­ing your fin­ger to push on the cor­ners from the in­side. 06 Sew around the edge again leav­ing the open­ing the same size. 07 Roll up a small piece of card stock to use as a fun­nel. Then fill the sa­chet with dried laven­der us­ing a lit­tle scoop. 08 Shake your sa­chet to set­tle the laven­der to one side and hold it care­fully while you sew up the open­ing. If there’s laven­der too close to the edge, you’ll have a hard time sewing straight… trust me. That’s it! You’ve com­pleted a per­fect lit­tle laven­der sa­chet. It’s sure to be just the first of many... they never fail to de­light as gifts! Get cre­ative with your sa­chets by us­ing mix-and-match fab­ric or all linen. Or em­broi­der a de­sign on the top, such as a shell or a sea­horse... there are a mil­lion ways to make them spe­cial. These sa­chets were made with de­signer fab­ric by Jennifer Pa­ganelli (Sis Boom).

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