Stitch sweet suc­cu­lents with our teacup gar­den

No need to wa­ter Katy Walker’s exclusive mini desk gar­den. Stitch yourself a lit­tle oa­sis in a teacup

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■ Mint green and fresh green cot­ton, 14 x 10" each ■ Pale pink and pale yel­low cot­ton, 9 x 2"each ■ Two pieces pale green fab­ric, 3½ x 1" ■Brown felt ■ Skeins of em­broi­dery thread in mint green, fresh green, pale pink, pale yel­low, and pale green ■ White thread ■ 22-gauge flo­ral wire, 23½" ■ Wire cut­ters ■ Soft toy stuff­ing ■ Acrylic paint ■ Ap­prox 0.5cm paint brush ■ Re­cy­cled card­board (an old ce­real box is fine) ■ Hot glue gun ■ Old teacup ■ Pok­ing tool (knit­ting nee­dle, chop­stick, etc).

We like to think we’re pretty good at plant­ing cre­ative ideas in your head here at Mol­lie Makes – but this is­sue, we’re get­ting lit­eral. Be­come a mini botanist, and stitch a tiny ter­rar­ium – no green fin­gers nec­es­sary (well, only if you get paint on them). For­get wa­ter and sun­light, the only thing this sweet suc­cu­lent plant needs is a place to show it off.

For the rosette leaves, choose a mid-weight cot­ton that doesn’t eas­ily fray. For the sprig leaves, go for a light­weight cot­ton; it works great. An­other tip: choose your paint shades a few tones lighter or brighter than your suc­cu­lent leaf fab­ric.

01 Us­ing the tem­plates on page 88, cut out your fab­ric pieces.

02 For each rosette suc­cu­lent, place two leaves right sides (RS) to­gether and sew around the edge, leav­ing the bot­tom open as marked on the tem­plate. Re­peat with all the rosette leaves. Turn RS out and tease out all the edges us­ing a pok­ing tool.

03 Press the mid­dle of each leaf, mak­ing sure you avoid the out­side edge. Turn un­der the open edges, and stitch closed.

04 Mix equal parts acrylic paint and wa­ter. Lightly brush around the edges of each leaf two or three times for a grad­u­ated color. Al­low to dry.

05 Lay out your leaves in sets of three, ac­cord­ing to size. Set aside your one re­main­ing size 1 leaf. Ar­range each set in a tri­an­gu­lar shape with over­lap­ping cor­ners. Stitch the cor­ners to­gether.

06 Sew the re­main­ing leaf on top of the group of size 1 leaves, in a more up­right po­si­tion.

07 Stack your two sets of size 3 leaves, so that the tops of leaves are not over­lap­ping. Stitch to­gether in the cen­ter. Stack and stitch your size 2 leaves and then the size 1 leaves on top.

08 For your sprig suc­cu­lents, re­peat steps 2-4 for the leaves. Set aside. 09 Tak­ing stem pieces of fab­ric, press each piece in half length­wise. Un­fold, leav­ing a cen­ter crease. Fold each side into the cen­ter crease, and press.

10 Along the top, fold the cor­ners to­ward the cen­ter crease. Press. Fold the tri­an­gle down, and press again. Fold the fab­ric length­wise and press to­gether.

11 Stitch­ing close to the edge, blan­ket stitch along the edges. Leave the bot­tom open.

12 Cut two lengths of flo­ral wire, 117/ " long. For each piece of wire, 8 fold in half and tightly twist the halves to­gether, then fold in half and twist to­gether again.

13 Insert the wire into the open ends of your stems, mak­ing sure to lead with the un­cut end. Push in all the way, then stitch closed be­low the wire.

14Start­ing just be­low the tops of your stems, be­gin to slip stitch on leaves down the sides of the stem.

15 For your pouch, turn your cup upside down on felt and trace around the edge. Re­peat. Cut out the cir­cles about ¼" in from your line. This will be the bot­tom and top of your pouch.

16 Cut out a card­board cir­cle about ¼" smaller than your felt cir­cles.

17 Mea­sure the in­side di­am­e­ter of your cup, and then mul­ti­ply by 3.14. This will be the length of the cen­ter piece of pouch.

18 Mea­sure the in­side height of your cup. If it curves in at the bot­tom, just mea­sure down the cup’s straight part. This is the width of the cen­ter piece. Us­ing your di­men­sions, cut out the cen­ter piece, and stitch two ends to­gether. Stitch one of the cir­cles to the cen­ter piece, and set aside.

19 Sew the rosette suc­cu­lents to the re­main­ing felt cir­cle. Stitch­ing through the cen­ter of the bot­tom layer of leaves only.

20 Cut a ¼" slit in your felt, for each of your sprig suc­cu­lents, and poke your stems about ¼" down through your slits. Stitch the slits closed, mak­ing sure to run your nee­dle through your stems sev­eral times, un­til se­cure. Gen­tly bend the sprigs into shape.

21 Place your card­board cir­cle un­der­neath the fin­ished top, and mark a line for each sprig. Cut a slit for each mark, and poke your sprigs through the card­board.

22 Hot-glue the card to the felt.

23 Blan­ket stitch onto the top of your pouch, leav­ing a 1¼" open­ing. Fill your pouch with soft toy stuff­ing, and then fin­ish stitch­ing it closed.

24 Use the tem­plates to cut out your but­ter­fly shapes.

25 Se­cure the pieces to­gether with some run­ning stitches. Place your fin­ished pouch into your cup, and en­joy your for­ever-plant!



Use tiny scis­sors to make the holes

in the wings.

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