How to make… fox and rac­coon fel­ties

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■ 7 x 9" tan and orange felt (one in each color) ■ Small scraps of white, red, and brown felt ■ Black and white em­broi­dery floss ■ Em­broi­dery nee­dle ■ Soft toy stuff­ing ■ Match­ing threads

Our wood­land creatures are ut­terly adorable. Rac­coons and foxes are no­to­ri­ously clever – so they’ll no doubt go on mis­chievous ad­ven­tures to­gether. They’re per­fect as a gift for your sweet­heart or to show your bestie you care. Plus there’s no hem­ming in­volved, as they’re made with su­per-sim­ple felt. Use a sewing ma­chine or stitch by hand. 01 Cut out all the tem­plates on page 88. Stitch the tails onto their bod­ies – make sure you leave a

1 /5" space be­tween the bot­tom of the tail and the bot­tom of the body. Do this for both wood­land creatures.

Tails… and heads

02 Start­ing with your fox’s tail, stitch the tip of the tail with a straight stitch. Po­si­tion both sides of the face with the bot­tom points touch­ing closely, cre­at­ing a heart shape. Once you have them both in the right po­si­tion, pin and stitch. Join the face pieces at the nose with a few small stitches.

03 Mov­ing on to your rac­coon – ar­range the tail pieces 1–4 as shown on the tem­plate, and stitch. Po­si­tion his ban­dit mask pieces so they’re touch­ing at the cen­ter of his face. Make sure you join them at the nose with some small stitches. Stitch the white nose­piece in the cen­ter, slightly lower than the eye pieces.

04 With three strands of white em­broi­dery floss, make three

stitches in an ar­row shape on the cen­ter of each ear – the cen­ter stitch should be a bit taller. Do this for both the rac­coon and fox.

05 Find the cen­ter of your crit­ter’s chest. Make a five-point ar­row shape: a longer cen­ter stitch, with the stitches get­ting smaller as they fan out. Re­peat for both crit­ters. 06 With four strands of black em­broi­dery floss, stitch a small tri­an­gle join­ing the face pieces at the bot­tom of your fox’s face (this is her nose). On your rac­coon, make one long, ver­ti­cal stitch down the cen­ter of the snout, then a small rect­an­gle at the top, cre­at­ing a “T” shape. 07 Find Foxy’s eye po­si­tion, and make a small stitch where you’d like the cen­ter of the eye. Us­ing four strands of black em­broi­dery floss, make a small cir­cle around that cen­ter stitch us­ing a split stitch. When your eye shape is com­plete, fill in with straight stitch. Re­peat on the fox’s other eye and on your rac­coon. 08 Here’s where your plushies come to life. Us­ing three strands of white floss, em­broi­der a very small “X” on the top right side of each eye on both an­i­mals. What wood­land crit­ter doesn’t need a twin­kle in their eye?

Mak­ing up

09 Cut a piece of 7 x 4½" in match­ing felt, and pin your an­i­mal in the cen­ter, with plenty of room all the way around. Start­ing at the left lower side of the tail, leav­ing

an al­lowance of 1 /16", ma­chine or hand sew around the shape, stop­ping at the other end of the tail. Leave a 2" open­ing. 10 Care­fully trim off the back ex­cess fab­ric. You want it flush with the front fab­ric. Take your time, leav­ing the bot­tom un­cut about 2½" away from the open­ing on both sides. You’ll trim this part af­ter you stitch the open­ing closed. 11 Roll four small bits of soft toy stuff­ing about the size of a small berry. Care­fully push into each ear us­ing a chop­stick, pen­cil, or knit­ting nee­dle. Con­tinue to stuff both your an­i­mals firmly. 12 Hand-stitch your wood­land friends closed with a small straight stitch. Trim off the ex­tra fab­ric so that it’s flush.

Mak­ing the heart

Use the tem­plate to cut your 13 heart from red felt and hand­stitch it to another piece of felt in the same way as you made the fox and rac­coon. Use four strands of white floss, start­ing at the bot­tom­right side. Stop when you have a ½" space left. Cut out the shape. Keep the thread un­cut, and stuff your heart firmly. Stitch closed and trim off the ex­cess.

14 Want to add an ex­tra touch? Em­broi­der an ini­tial on your heart for your spe­cial some­one! Use a fab­ric pen to write a let­ter on your heart. Take four strands of em­broi­dery floss and use a split stitch from one end to the other.

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