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Stitch a stylish satchel for your lap­top us­ing durable tweed


■ Tweed rem­nants

■ Parch­ment pa­per

■ Sew­ing ma­chine

■ Tai­lor’s chalk

■ Firm, iron-on in­ter­fac­ing

■ Cot­ton fab­ric, for lin­ing

■ Two iden­ti­cal belts with a buckle fas­ten­ing

■ Buckle

■ Large snap fas­tener (op­tional)

Are you as con­cerned about fash­ion as you are the safety of your gad­getry? Make your own cus­tom lap­top bag with rem­nants of durable tweed. It’s up to you how big you make it – Kin­dle, iPad, or lap­top-size, it can be a snug fit or roomy enough to hold all your ac­ces­sories, too. Our lap­top is small at 11½ x 8½", so make sure you adapt our mea­sure­ments.

Main bag

01 Cut out some parch­ment pa­per tem­plates to th­ese mea­sure­ments:

Front panel: 11 x 14½" Back panel (in­clud­ing flap): 20 x 10" Side band: 4 x 36½" In­side flap back­ing: 10 x 6"

Pin your pa­per pat­terns to the

02 tweed, and cut them out.

03 Re­in­force the base of the front tweed panel by ma­chine-stitch­ing along the seam al­lowance ½" from the edge of the bot­tom and around the cor­ners, ex­tend­ing the stitch­ing to 2" above each cor­ner. Mark the po­si­tion of the side band on the back panel with tai­lor’s chalk – this should be 6½" be­low the top of the back flap. Pin the side band from this point all around, then stitch.

04 Pin the front panel to the side band. Clip the cor­ners to ease the front into the band, then stitch to­gether.

05 Check the width required for the front strap. Dou­ble it, and add 1" for turn­ing each side. Cut it out in tweed. Fold each turn­ing, press, and fold in half. Stitch through all the thick­nesses.

Pin the front strap to the in­side 06 of the flap at its cen­ter point. With right sides to­gether, pin the flap back­ing to the flap, match­ing

the top and sides. Stitch, and then turn your fab­ric the right way out.

07 Cut out two pieces of firm, iron-on in­ter­fac­ing mea­sur­ing 2 x 1½". Ap­ply the strips to each side panel at the top. This will help re­in­force where the shoul­der strap will go.

Pock­ets and lin­ing

08 To make the lin­ing, cut out one piece of cot­ton fab­ric to the same size as the pat­tern for the front tweed panel, one piece to the same size as the back panel (mi­nus the flap), and one piece to the same size as the side band.

09 To make the pock­ets, cut out in tweed one piece mea­sur­ing 7 x 4" and a sec­ond mea­sur­ing 5 x 6". Turn un­der a ½" seam al­lowance all around and press. Stitch the top edge to fin­ish the hem.

Pin the pock­ets to the back

10 lin­ing of the bag with the wrong side fac­ing the right side of the fab­ric. Stitch along three sides of the pocket, leav­ing the top open.

11 Pin and stitch the side band of the lin­ing to the front and back (as be­fore, for the tweed) to com­plete the lin­ing. Fold un­der and press a ½" seam al­lowance at the top edge, along the top of the lin­ing bag. Press.

With wrong sides to­gether,

12 pin the lin­ing in­side the bag with the turned-un­der hem along the in­ner edge. Stitch around the front and side pan­els. Do not stitch the back. Fold the back­ing of the flap over the lin­ing and hand­stitch in place.

To make the shoul­der strap, join

13 the two belts to­gether through one of their buck­les. Mea­sure the length required for the belt to

cross the body. Mark with tai­lor’s chalk and cut off the ex­cess, which will in­clude the buckle of one belt. 14 Pin each end of the shoul­der strap to the sides of the bag over the re­in­forced area. Stitch to­gether us­ing the leather nee­dle on your sew­ing ma­chine. If the strap is too thick for your ma­chine, you can take it to a shoe re­pairer, and they’ll do the job for you. 15 Hand-stitch the buckle to the front of the bag so that the front strap can be threaded through it. Se­cure with a snap fas­tener, if required.




Coun­try threads that color-pop to patch­work ef­fect.


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