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Sew a pretty pouch for your tis­sues


■ 1 piece of printed fab­ric mea­sur­ing 5½ x 6½"

■ 1 piece of lin­ing fab­ric mea­sur­ing 5½ x 7½"

■ Thread in com­ple­men­tary color

■ Scis­sors

■ Fab­ric glue

■ Iron

■ Sew­ing ma­chine (op­tional)

With cooler weather set­ting in, our tis­sue be­comes a con­stant com­pan­ion. But you needn’t set­tle for the bor­ing plas­tic tis­sue pack­ag­ing when there’s this quick-and-easy way to make a pretty pouch.

01 Cut out a piece of printed fab­ric mea­sur­ing 5 ½ x 6 ½ " and a piece of lin­ing fab­ric mea­sur­ing 5 ½ x 7 ½ ".

02 With the right sides fac­ing, stack the printed fab­ric on top of the lin­ing fab­ric and line up the edges of one end.

03 Ma­chine-sew or hand-stitch the main fab­ric and lin­ing fab­ric to­gether us­ing a ¼-inch seam al­lowance. Do not for­get to back­stitch at the edges.

04 Turn the work around and line

up the other edges of the main fab­ric and the lin­ing fab­ric and again sew to­gether us­ing a ¼-inch seam al­lowance. You will no­tice that the lin­ing fab­ric is look­ing a lit­tle baggy, but that’s okay.

05 Us­ing an iron, press the

seams up­ward so that the main fab­ric along the seams is pressed atop the lin­ing fab­ric. 06 Turn the work out and iron

flat, mak­ing sure there are equal amounts of lin­ing fab­ric on each side.

07 Fold one half of the work into the cen­ter and press. (You can fold the whole piece in half and press first to mark the cen­ter point if you find it eas­ier.)

08 Fold the other half into the cen­ter and over­lap the first half just slightly and press.

09 Sew a ¼-inch seam across

both open ends of the pouch. Do not for­get to back­stitch the edges.

10 Trim off any ex­cess fab­ric then seal the edges. You can do this us­ing ei­ther a zigzag stitch or a small amount of fab­ric glue. This will pre­vent any fray­ing.

11 Fi­nally, turn out the pouch, re­move the tis­sues from their plas­tic wrap­per, in­sert them into the pouch, and you’re fin­ished. How easy was that? Now that you have made your first one, you won’t be able to stop!

02 04 06 08

05 10

Lois Cal­lis-Smith Lois Cal­lis-Smith cre­ates won­der­ful hand­bags and travel ac­ces­sories us­ing fab­rics that she de­signs her­self, which she keeps ex­clu­sive to her brand, Punto Belle. Lois does not hold back on her love of bold and strik­ing color...

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