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Cro­chet break­fast-themed scarf and mitts


Ap­prox. 100g (1 ball) each of DK weight 100% acrylic yarn in cream, tan, red, white, and dark red. We used Sir­dar Hay­field Bonus DK in Aran (993), Wheat (816), Mer­lot (835), White (812), Claret (84) 25g (1 ball) DK weight yarn in gold. We used Sir­dar Hay­field Bonus Toy­time DK in Sun­flower (978) 4mm (G/6) cro­chet hook Ta­pes­try nee­dle


Sc14 mea­sures 4" with a 4mm (G/6) hook


US terms through­out

BLO back loops only

ch(s) chain(s) sc sin­gle cro­chet dc dou­ble cro­chet

hdc half dou­ble cro­chet sk skip sl st slip stitch st(s) stitch(es) trc triple cro­chet () Work what’s in­side the paren­the­ses into one stitch

** Work what’s in­side the stars as many times as in­di­cated

Wake up your out­fit with Twinkie chan’s cro­cheted nov­el­ties. What bet­ter way to cel­e­brate a

love of tasty toast and jam than wrap­ping your­self up in it? Plus you can keep your hands snug­gly while tex­ting your friends for a brunch date with her fin­ger­less egg and ba­con mit­tens. You only need to mas­ter a few ba­sic cro­chet stitches for th­ese gourmet gar­ments, so let’s get crack­ing.

Toast (make ap­prox. 15)

You can add or sub­tract pieces of toast to achieve your de­sired scarf length. With cream, ch15.

Row 1: Skip first 2 chs, and hdc in each re­main­ing ch across. [13 sts]

Rows 2-8: Ch2, turn. Hdc evenly across. [13 sts]

Row 9: Ch1, skip 2 sts, (trc8) in next st, skip 3 sts, sl st in next st. Skip 2 sts, (trc8) in next st, skip 2 sts, and sl st in last st. Break off. Weave in ends.

Crust (work one round around each toast)

Use di­a­gram 1, right, to help with the fol­low­ing di­rec­tions. Join your tan yarn on third trc of your toast, then sc1 in same stitch (this is ac­tu­ally the sec­ond sc of a (sc2), but you’ll com­plete the miss­ing sc as your last sc af­ter work­ing all the way around your toast), sc1 in next trc, *(sc2), 1 sc* 2 times. Skip the sl st. *(sc2), 1 sc* 4 times. Work sc evenly around the next three sides of the piece of toast, with sc3 in each cor­ner stitch. When you get to the triple cro­chets again, work (sc2), then sc1 in next trc, then sc1 into the same trc you joined the yarn in. Sl st to the first sc of the crust to join the round. Break off with about 16" of yarn.

Keep this end­ing tail, but weave in the be­gin­ning tail.

Straw­berry jam (make one for each piece of toast)

With red, magic cir­cle, or ch3 and sl st in first ch to form loop.

Round 1: Ch1 and work sc6 into loop. Don’t join. [6 sts]

Round 2: Work (sc2) in each st around. [12 sts] Sl st into next st to round off cir­cle. Round 3: Mo­tifs for this round:

Small glob: Work (dc4) in next st, then sl st into next st.

Big glob: Ch3, work (trc2) in next st, ch3, then sl st into next st. Work 1 small glob, 2 big globs, 2 small globs, and 1 big glob. Break off, leav­ing about 12-18" of yarn for sew­ing the jam to the toast. Vary the pat­tern in Round 3 by mix­ing up dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tions of small globs and big globs, as long as the to­tal num­ber of all globs re­mains six.


Us­ing the long tail from jam, sew each jam – right side up – to the right side of each toast, which cor­re­sponds to the right side of your crust round. You can ei­ther place all the jams uni­formly in the cen­ters of the toasts, fac­ing the same di­rec­tion, or you can turn the jam in dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions. Ours is over­sewn, but you can also top stitch. Tie off and weave in your ends. As­sem­ble all your toasts to­gether by con­nect­ing the two round bumps on the top of one toast to the straight bot­tom of an­other – use di­a­gram 2 to help. Thread a ta­pes­try nee­dle through the tail of a crust on your first toast. In­sert the nee­dle in the first sc of the (sc3) left cor­ner on your sec­ond toast. Oversew to­gether. Oversew four more times, sc to sc of each piece of toast. You can tie off here for se­cu­rity, but don’t break off the yarn. Run the sew­ing yarn through 6 sc’s of crust on the top piece of toast to hide it. Pop the nee­dle back out and con­tinue to oversew five times on the other side. Start with the fourth sc from the cen­ter on the right side of the bot­tom toast, and the last over­sewn stitch should line up with the first sc of the (sc3)

right cor­ner of the top toast. Tie off and weave in the end. Make two strands of toast and join at the rounded tops so that when you wear it, both sides of the scarf will have toasts fac­ing up­ward. See di­a­gram 3.

ba­con and egg mitts

Note: there’s a slight dif­fer­ence in the pat­tern for the left and right hand, for seam po­si­tion.

Left-hand cuff

With dark red, Ch11.

Row 1: Skip first ch and work sc10 evenly across. [10 sts]

Row 2: Ch1, turn. Work sc evenly across. [10 sts] Join your cream color. Drop dark red but don’t break off.

Row 3: Ch1, turn. With cream, work sc1 in both loops, sc8 in BLO, then sc1 in both loops. [10 sts]

Row 4: Ch1, turn. Work sc evenly across in both loops. [10 sts]. Drop cream. Pick up dark red. (Don’t worry about the yarn that’s vis­i­ble from switch­ing colors. You’ll be cro­chet­ing over this later so it will look neat).

Rows 5-6: Re­peat rows 3-4 but with dark red. Af­ter Row 6, Drop dark red and pick up cream. Re­peat Rows 3-6 five more times un­til you have com­pleted Row 26.

Row 27: Ch1, turn. Con­tinue with dark red. Work 1 more row of sc evenly across. [10 sts] Break off cream and weave in ends. Break off dark red, leav­ing 18 inches for sew­ing. Oversew Row 27 to Row 1 to form a tube. Weave in ends. Be­fore con­tin­u­ing, make sure the ridged side shows on the out­side of the tube to show off your work in BLO.

Left-hand mitt

Join white onto the edge of your cuff that has all the messy yarn changes, and also join near the cuff seam to keep all the seams around the same place.

Round 1: Sc into the same stitch to be­gin your round. Sc evenly all the way around. Sl st to first sc to join. [27 sts]

Rounds 2-5: Ch1, turn. Work sc27 evenly around. [27 sts]

Round 6: Ch1, turn. *(sc2), sc4* 5 times. Sc evenly for the last two stitches. Sl st to first sc to join. [32 sts]

Rounds 7-11: Ch1, turn. Work sc32 evenly around. Sl st to first sc to join. [32 sts]

Round 12: Ch1, turn. Work only sc27, leav­ing the last 5 sts. [27 sts] Work back and forth in rows. Row 13-14: Ch1, turn. Work sc27 evenly around. [27 sts]

Row 15: Ch1, turn. Work sc27. Sl st to first sc to join and close up the thumb­hole. [27 sts] con­tinue to work in rounds. Rounds 16-19: Ch1, turn. Work 27 sc evenly around. [27 sts]

Round 20: Warn­ing: this round is go­ing to look a lit­tle weird. It’s just to make the stitch count work out. Ba­si­cally you’re work­ing in scal­lops to cre­ate a cute edge for your fried egg. Ch1, turn. *Sk1 st, work (dc5) in next st, sk1 st, sl st in next st. Sk1 st, work (dc5) in next st, sk 2 sts, sl st in next st*. Re­peat ev­ery­thing you just worked three times. Break off and weave in your ends. Try to weave ends ver­ti­cally rather than hor­i­zon­tally. Be care­ful not to pull too tightly

as it will tighten the mitt, and you won’t be able to get your hand in­side!

Right-hand cuff

Work left cuff as above.

Right-hand mitt

Work left-hand mitt as above, but only com­plete to Round 11. Break off.

Round 12: Turn (the turn is im­por­tant). Skip 5 stitches. Re­join white. Sc1 in the same stitch and work 26 more sc. [27 sts]

Work back and forth in rows.

Row 13-14: Ch1, turn. Work sc27 evenly around. [27 sts] con­tinue to work in rounds. Rounds 15-20: Same as left mitt.

Yolks (make 2)

With gold, ch3 and sl st to first ch to form loop.

Round 1: Ch1 and work sc6 into loop. Don’t join rounds. [6 sts] Round 2: (sc2) 6 times. [12 sts] Round 3: *(sc2), sc1* 6 times.

[18 sts]

Round 4: *(sc2), sc5* 3 times.

[21 sts]

Round 5: Work sc21 evenly around. [21 sts] Sl st into next st. Break off leav­ing 18" of yarn to sew yolk to mitt, mak­ing sure that the right side of your work shows on the out­side of the yolk. Try on mitts to de­ter­mine yolk place­ment. Stuff your yolk with a lit­tle bit of yel­low yarn to make it puffy and then oversew into x place. We’ve over­sewn the yolks into the back loops only so that the front loops leave a cute lit­tle out­line on the edge of the yolk. All done. Wear your quirky break­fast set with pride!

How do you like your eggs in the morn­ing? We like ours a bit woolly.

Stitch the toasts to­gether top to bot­tom. At the neck, stitch top to top so that each piece faces up­wards when hang­ing around your neck.

03 Use this di­a­gram to help stitch the pieces of toast to­gether at the neck.


01 Di­a­gram 1 will help you with fix­ing the crust to your piece of toast. Use di­a­gram 2 to stitch the pieces of your toast scarf to­gether. sc1 (sc2)

A quirky and fun way to wear your food.

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