How to make… hot wa­ter bot­tle co­Zies

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Mi­crofleece fab­ric in cream (for outer layer), 1 yrd Mi­cro­suede fab­ric in taupe (for in­ner layer), 1 yrd Pat­terned cot­ton fab­ric Scrap of black felt Em­broi­dery floss to match cot­ton fab­ric and nose The nights are long and chilly, so it’s time to put the ket­tle on and cud­dle up un­der your fa­vorite blan­ket, in front of a roar­ing fire, with one of th­ese charm­ing Arc­tic pals. They may be from the icy North Pole, but frol­ick­ing in the snow's just not for them – in­stead, they love noth­ing bet­ter than keep­ing you warm and toasty while the el­e­ments bat­tle away out­side.

De­signer Regina Groleau has cre­ated both a mama and baby bear, so there’s one for you and also one to keep any lit­tle ones warm and snug, too. The mi­crofleece fiber is so soft and feels just heav­enly to cud­dle up with. We’ve added ap­pliquéed flo­ral patches for ex­tra visual in­ter­est, and you could try chang­ing the color and pat­tern of th­ese to match your pals’ decor. Feel free to ex­per­i­ment with the bear’s ex­pres­sion – our pic­tures are just a guide­line, so make yours as happy or pen­sive as you please.

01 Print out the tem­plate pieces on page 84. There should be at least a 5 /8" bor­der around your hot wa­ter bot­tle when placed on the back body tem­plate piece. The large tem­plate is sized to fit a 2L hot wa­ter bot­tle and the small is sized to fit a 0.8L one. You may need to scale the tem­plate up or down de­pend­ing on the size of your cho­sen bot­tle. 02 Pin the tem­plates to your fab­ric and cut out with sharp scis­sors, adding a gen­er­ous 5 /8" seam al­lowance.

03 Take two strands of em­broi­dery thread and ap­pliqué

the tummy on the outer front body and the ears and nose on the outer face piece, us­ing a back­stitch. Em­broi­der the eyes, us­ing the pho­tos as a guide. 04 Line up the two front body pieces, right sides (RS) to­gether, and sew from A to B along the up­per curve. Turn RS out and gen­tly push the seam to form the body shape.

Line up the two back body 05 pieces, RS out, and then the two front body pieces, RS out. Line all four pieces up to­gether with the outer lay­ers fac­ing in. Pin all four lay­ers to­gether and sew from point A to point B along the bot­tom edge. Take care to catch the turned edge on the front body pieces be­tween the seams for a neat tran­si­tion.

Line up the two face pieces, 06 07 RS to­gether, and sew from point A to point B along the chin line. Turn and gen­tly push the seam to form your bear’s shape. 08 Line up the face pieces RS out with the pinned body pieces, outer lay­ers fac­ing to­gether. Sew from point A to point B along the top of the head, again catch­ing the turned por­tion in the seam. Dou­ble check your sewing at the point where the body pocket meets the head pocket, en­sur­ing no raw edges are show­ing. 09 Trim ex­cess fab­ric, clip curves and turn so the outer lay­ers face out. Care­fully push all your seams out to neaten the shape.

Flip the head back, tuck in your 10 hot wa­ter bot­tle and fill it up. Then pull the po­lar bear head over your bot­tle and cud­dle up with your








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