How to make… welly warm­ers

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ma­te­ri­als 140 yards chunky yarn 4 x 8mm (US 11) dou­ble-pointed nee­dles Stitch marker 2 x 1¼ – 1½ "but­tons Ta­pes­try nee­dle


K knit P purl PM place marker St(s) stitch(es) Inc in­crease m1L with left nee­dle tip, lift strand be­tween nee­dles from front to back. Knit loop through the back. One of the things we love most about win­ter style is when our woolly socks peek out over our boots for ul­tra co­zi­ness. The trend is set to con­tinue this win­ter (we won­der how it could ever go out of fash­ion), but why waste time knit­ting the whole sock?

Whether you’re wear­ing jeans, leg­gings or tights, just slide on your welly warm­ers, pull on your boots over your trusty socks, and you’re ready to face the el­e­ments! We’ve used big nee­dles, with chunky yarn us­ing a sim­ple rib pat­tern, and some easy seed-stitch – so this project will be off your nee­dles and into your wardrobe in no time. In fact, they’re so quick, they’re per­fect for last­minute stock­ing fillers.

Leg rib­bing

Cast on 32 stitches onto a 01 dou­ble-pointed nee­dle. 02 Di­vide the sts onto three nee­dles by slid­ing them over from your cast-

on nee­dle – you should have 12 sts on your first nee­dle, 8 sts on your sec­ond, and 12 sts on your third. 03 PM and join, mak­ing sure that your sts are straight on your nee­dles and not twisted around them. It’s re­ally easy to check this by lay­ing your nee­dles down to form a tri­an­gle and mak­ing sure all your cast-on sts face the same way. 04 05 Work a k2, p2 rib for 5". If you want your welly warm­ers to ex­tend longer down your leg, this is the sec­tion you’ll add length to. But re­mem­ber – if you add length you’ll need more yarn. 06 07 08 09 10 Inc Round 1: *K1, m1L, K1, then your rib pat­tern to end of your first nee­dle; rep from * across your sec­ond and third nee­dles [35 to­tal sts]. 11 Work four rounds in new rib pat­tern – re­mem­ber, the first three sts of each nee­dle are knit sts. 12 Inc Round 2: *K3, P2, K1, m1L, K1, then work in the rib pat­tern to the end of your first nee­dle; rep from * across sec­ond and third nee­dles [38 to­tal sts]. 13 Work three rounds even in new rib pat­tern. Now the rib pat­tern on each nee­dle starts K3, P2, K3, P2 to com­pen­sate for the in­creases you have made. 14 K one round. 15 Inc Round 3: *K4, m1L; rep from * around all three nee­dles to last two sts, K1, m1L, K1 [48 to­tal sts].


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