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In­stalling a set of new Auto Metal Di­rect ’63-’65 Ply­mouth B-body quar­ter-pan­els

Max Wedge Ply­mouths have long held a spe­cial place in per­for­mance and quar­ter-mile his­tory. Dur­ing the 1963 model year, our sis­ter pub­li­ca­tion, HOT ROD, ran a new ’63 426 Ply­mouth in just about show­room trim down the dragstrip in the mid 12-sec­ond range. Since that time, any dragstrip or cruise spot will typ­i­cally have at least a few ’63-’65 Ply­mouth B-bod­ies pow­ered by Wedge or Hemi en­gines draw­ing a crowd.

For the guys try­ing to breathe new life into one of th­ese Ply­mouth ex­am­ples, find­ing body parts has typ­i­cally been much harder for them than their Mopar col­leagues with ’66-’74 B-bod­ies. The so­lu­tion has long been to keep search­ing for re­stor­able sheet­metal from donor cars or re­pair what they’ve got.

Now, Auto Metal Di­rect (AMD) has come to the res­cue with brand-new Oe-style quar­ter-pan­els for ’63-’65 two-door Ply­mouth B-bod­ies. Th­ese new AMD quar­ter-pan­els have been pat­terned from a very dif­fi­cult-to-find and pris­tine ’64/’65 Ply­mouth two-door hard­top NOS panel that AMD ac­quired, and then per­fectly re­pro­duced, both left and right sides. AMD’S part num­bers for th­ese new quar­ter-pan­els are 700-1463-L (left, driver side) and 700-1463-R (right, pas­sen­ger side).

But as you’ll see, AMD’S new ’64-’65 Ply­mouth hard­top pan­els can also be slightly mod­i­fied to fit all two-door ’63 Ply­mouths (both hard­top and sedan) as well as ’64 and ’65 Ply­mouth two-door sedans. And, of course, if you hap­pen to have a ’64 or ’65 hard­top with the V-shaped rear roof pil­lars, the in­stal­la­tion will be that much more straight­for­ward.

To demon­strate the sedan in­stal­la­tion, we watched as auto body ex­pert Jeff Hixon added a pair of new AMD quar­ter­pan­els to a cus­tomer’s low-mileage and rust-free ’63 Ply­mouth two-door Savoy.

The Auto Metal Di­rect (AMD) quar­ter-pan­els have all the same con­tours, shapes, and thick­ness of NOS Ply­mouth pan­els. Th­ese are di­rect re­place­ments for all ’64-’65 two-door hard­top mod­els (with V-shaped C-pil­lars, and no post) and in­stall just like a...

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