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Get­ting the right en­gine mounts, brackets, pul­leys, and ac­ces­sories helps ease en­gine in­stal­la­tion and adds good looks.

We’re fi­nally get­ting close to in­sert­ing the 528ci Ray Barton Street Hemi be­tween the fend­ers of our ’65 Coronet project (aka “Cool Blue”). While our 825hp Ele­phant awaits its fi­nal desti­na­tion, we needed to gather the right goods (en­gine mounts, brackets, pul­leys and ac­ces­sories) to make for a neat and easy in­stal­la­tion. Our recipe will be a mix­ture of stock­ap­pear­ing and after­mar­ket parts for its own unique, yet pure and sim­ple ap­pear­ance.

Yes, we know the Street Hemi was in­tro­duced for the 1966 model year, but we wanted folks to know a pump-gas H-EM-I mon­ster like ours can fit un­der your stock flat, Shaker, or Air Grab­ber hood. For those keep­ing score at home, Ma Mopar did make a hand­ful of Street Hemi pro­to­types in none other than five ’65 Coronets. The ’65 we’re build­ing will be some­what of a tribute to those five, but it’ll be pack­ing roughly 400 more horse­power, thanks to to­day’s tech­nol­ogy. Plus, we want to sur­prise some un­sus­pect­ing mod­ern muscle ma­chines with our ’60s su­per­car.

We’re for­tu­nate that in re­cent years Schu­macher Creative Ser­vices has been mak­ing it pos­si­ble and less ex­pen­sive to have a Hemi un­der the hood of your clas­sic Mopar. Be­fore Mike Schu­macher of Schu­macher Creative Ser­vices (SCS) in­tro­duced his en­gine swap mounts and kits, you had to pay dearly for a Hemi Kmem­ber and en­gine mounts to per­form a Hemi con­ver­sion. Most Mopar folks dream of a Hemi car, but prices for a real-deal, pachy­derm-pow­ered ma­chine are way out of sight for the av­er­age en­thu­si­ast. Build­ing a clone or tribute ma­chine (call it what­ever you want) to look the part is an af­ford­able way to have that Hemi-pow­ered

A-, B- or E-body mon­ster of your dreams. Thank­fully, Schu­macher has made Gen 2 and now Gen 3 Hemi con­ver­sions and many other en­gine swaps (Slant 6 to LA to B and RB) a pos­si­bil­ity for our vin­tage Mopar.

An­other ad­vance­ment in re­cent years is the qual­ity and ap­pear­ance of re­pro­duc­tion and after­mar­ket parts. To­day’s parts avail­abil­ity makes it an eas­ier propo­si­tion to build a stock and/or neat ap­pear­ing, bet­ter han­dling, brak­ing, per­form­ing, and re­li­able thrill ride. That’s been the plan all along on our project “Cool Blue” ’65 Coronet. Here we’re us­ing a blend of after­mar­ket and re­pro­duc­tion parts to main­tain that tra­di­tional ap­pear­ance.

We feel (we could be wrong) the mix­ture of Hemi or­ange, black, and alu­minum color (gray) will look cool, yet dif­fer­ent and not too far from a stock-ap­pear­ing Street Hemi, which is the most beau­ti­ful en­gine to be­gin with.

Through the years we’ve found it eas­i­est to add the ac­ces­sories to an en­gine when it’s on the en­gine stand, rather than in the en­gine bay. In­stead of ser­pen­tine, we’ll use a V-belt setup of power steer­ing, al­ter­na­tor, and wa­ter pump pul­leys and brackets. This V-belt setup has proven re­li­able for years of abuse on my 493 Wedge-pow­ered, ’67 R/T Mopar mag­a­zine test mule. The top side of the Street Hemi will be dressed up with a host of re­pro­duc­tion and after­mar­ket ac­ces­sories for form, func­tion, and good looks. For those for­tu­nate folks able to do a Street Hemi con­ver­sion, we’ve listed many of the needed parts to save you time from re­search­ing and find­ing the com­po­nents. Fol­low along and check out how we out­fit­ted our Street Hemi. In the next few in­stall­ments we’ll show other prepa­ra­tions to make be­fore drop­ping it in and but­ton­ing it up.


Here we’re hold­ing the perch por­tion of the bracket assem­bly af­ter at­tach­ing it to the block por­tion bracket. The 1/2-inch bolts hold­ing the bracket assem­bly to­gether need only to be snug un­til the en­gine is rest­ing on the K-mem­ber. Once the Hemi is rest­ing in the proper po­si­tion, we can torque the bolts. More on this in the next story.

Our Ray Barton 528 Street Hemi is no dif­fer­ent than most crate en­gines in that it’s miss­ing en­gine mounts, ac­ces­sories, brackets, and pul­leys, to name a few things. While on an en­gine stand, it’s eas­i­est to dress it up be­fore you drop it in the en­gine com­part­ment. Once it’s un­der the hood, there’s not nearly as much el­bow room for wrench­ing.

These Schu­macher Creative Ser­vices Hemi en­gine con­ver­sion kit mounts (PN B625H, $259) make it pos­si­ble to turn your V-8 (LA, Poly, B, or RB) K-mem­ber-equipped early B-body (1962 to 1965) into a Hemi-pow­ered mon­ster. The kit in­cludes laser-cut pow­der­coated brackets, polyurethane spool inserts, Grade 8 bolts, and de­tailed in­struc­tions.

The brackets are marked left and right. The sup­plied fas­ten­ers thread into the crank­case area of the block.Be sure to coat the threads with a qual­ity thread sealant to pre­vent any oil leaks. Torque the three (three on each side) fas­ten­ers 40 to 45 ft-lb.

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