Rotisserie sys­tems greatly im­prove ac­cess, gen­er­at­ing higher-qual­ity restora­tions.

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When work­ing to create the ul­ti­mate in high­qual­ity restora­tion, it’s ex­tremely help­ful to see what you’re do­ing. It may sound ob­vi­ous, but get­ting to those hard-to-reach un­der­side ar­eas is key. Rotisserie sys­tems help you avoid many hours lay­ing un­der a car sup­ported by jack­stands, at­tempt­ing to clean and ready for paint and primer. A rotisserie sys­tem is the best and safest way to achieve per­fect paint ap­pli­ca­tions on all body­work.

While many folks may see these as a tool for only the high-tech pro­fes­sional shop, the cost of a home-use ve­hi­cle rotisserie has dropped sig­nif­i­cantly. Fact is, if you only do even one car, the ben­e­fits of in­vest­ing in one of these sys­tems is well worth it. What’s even more in­ter­est­ing is that rotisserie sys­tems for the home me­chanic just aren’t that

ex­pen­sive. And if you plan to do any paint­ing, a rotisserie en­sures easy view­ing and to­tal cov­er­age of both the un­der­side and top side of the body. (It’s ex­tremely com­mon to miss rocker pan­els and other lower sec­tions, since they’re low to the ground and re­quire ex­treme bend­ing by the painter.)

Au­to­mo­tive ro­tis­series come in a va­ri­ety of types but those with heavy-duty dolly wheels and heav­ier metal con­struc­tion with roller wheel bear­ings will ob­vi­ously be worth the added cost for mo­bil­ity. Spend the money and buy a sys­tem that fits the job based on the weight of your ve­hi­cle — don’t scrimp. In ad­di­tion, there are rotisserie sys­tem for hoods and trunks, al­low­ing easy strip­ping of old paint, prep­ping of the panel, and ap­pli­ca­tion of paint. Note that these sys­tems are mo­bile so that you can paint the body and the ad­di­tional parts at the same time to en­sure con­sis­tent col­oration.

Note that dif­fer­ent-style ro­tis­series will grip the car bod­ies and parts in unique ways. Some are de­signed for frame at­tach­ment while oth­ers bolt to the body (an im­por­tant point with Chrysler uni­body ve­hi­cles). When or­der­ing your rotisserie, make cer­tain it fits the ve­hi­cle you have in mind and can with­stand an over 3,000pound ve­hi­cle when stripped down. Hand pumps for ro­tat­ing the body 360 de­grees once it’s bolted in po­si­tion are a good piece of op­tional equip­ment that aren’t present on all rotisserie sys­tems.

Shop for your rotisserie on­line or build your own. The fol­low­ing notes a num­ber of sys­tems that can be or­dered and shipped for around $1,200 or less. There are also a num­ber of kits you can pur­chase, al­low­ing you to weld it your­self and per­son­al­ize the fit­ment for your ap­pli­ca­tion. The choice is yours.

Rotisserie sys­tems help you avoid many hours lay­ing un­der a car sup­ported by jack­stands, at­tempt­ing to clean and ready for paint and primer.

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