1968 DODGE CHARGER CAR OWNER: Troy Bolton • Pe­taluma, CA

Mopar Muscle - - Special Delivery -


TYPE: 383-cid Mag­num, 335 hp BORE X STROKE: 4.280 (bore) x 3.380 (stroke) BLOCK: fac­tory OE block 0.030-inch over bore

RO­TAT­ING ASSEM­BLY: TRW Forged pis­tons, fac­tory forged crankshaft and re­built con­nect­ing rods


CYLIN­DER HEADS: fac­tory orig­i­nal port-matched and bowl-blended, over-size 2.19-inch in­take and 1.88-inch ex­haust

CAMSHAFT: Comp Cams 0.525 Lift, 275-de­gree du­ra­tion, En­gine Dy­nam­ics cus­tom valve and Comp Cams val­ve­train

IN­DUC­TION: fac­tory in­take man­i­fold with orig­i­nal Cart AFB 4-BBL carburetor

OIL­ING SYS­TEM: fac­tory orig­i­nal com­po­nents

EX­HAUST: ceramic coated fac­tory ex­haust man­i­folds, orig­i­nal ex­haust

IG­NI­TION: fac­tory orig­i­nal CD ig­ni­tion COOL­ING: fac­tory orig­i­nal cool­ing com­po­nents

EN­GINE BUILT BY: En­gine Dy­nam­ics (Pe­taluma, CA)


TRANS­MIS­SION: Dodge A-833 New Process four-speed

CLUTCH: Mcleod Borg & Beck SHIFTER: Hurst four-speed shifter DRIVE­SHAFT: stock fac­tory-re­stored to orig­i­nal

REAREND: stock Chrysler 8 3/4 with 3:23: ra­tio with Sure-grip


SUS­PEN­SION: stock Chrysler STEER­ING: stock power steer­ing box FRONT BRAKES: stock Chrysler disc brakes REAR BRAKES: stock Chrysler drum brakes


WHEELS: Wheel Vin­tiques re­pro­duc­tion wheels

TIRES: Di­a­mond Back Red Lines, match­ing fac­tory spec

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