2018 Dodge Du­rango 4 R/T Frank Markus

“With that dog­gone seat belt fixed, road trips are im­prov­ing the Dodge Du­rango’s fuel econ­omy.”

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We’re past the two-month mark, and this Du­rango has yet to be stolen. We have, how­ever, had our first two tiny war­ranty is­sues. The left rear seat belt re­fused to re­lease a tether we’ve used to latch our dog, Snick­ers, into hun­dreds of press cars. A new latch was or­dered and in­stalled, and my tether was safely ex­tracted from the de­fec­tive one. Our right rear out­board tail­lamp lens some­how be­came foggy. Both parts were or­dered and ar­rived the next day. In­stal­la­tion was es­ti­mated to take an hour, but 20 min­utes in I was no­ti­fied it would be two hours or more, and I was of­fered a shut­tle ride back to my of­fice. When com­pleted, the dealer shut­tled me back to pick up my washed and vac­u­umed Du­rango 4. #Sat­is­fied­cus­tomer.

Our R/T also racked up its first road trip. High­lights in­cluded a stop on Ken­tucky’s bour­bon trail at the Wild Turkey dis­tillery, din­ner at the Markus fam­ily home­stead out­side Mem­phis, Ten­nes­see, and tour­ing Civil War bat­tle­field sites in his­toric Vicks­burg, Mis­sis­sippi. In to­tal we logged 2,173 miles in 37.6 hours, av­er­ag­ing 57.8 mph over­all at a much im­proved 18.9 mpg—a fig­ure that the on­board com­puter op­ti­misti­cally self-re­ported at 20.6 mpg. Our over­all av­er­age is up to 16.9 mpg.

Other trip ob­ser­va­tions: With sub­freez­ing tem­per­a­tures out­side, a 70-de­gree in­te­rior set­ting left our feet cold, but 72 kept them warm with­out fry­ing our up­per bod­ies. I ap­pre­ci­ate that FCA of­fers a choice of reg­u­lar or adap­tive cruise con­trol so that when snow ob­scures the radar sen­sor, nor­mal cruise still works. I also ap­pre­ci­ate hav­ing four fol­low­ing dis­tances. The nav screen con­ve­niently dis­plays ser­vices avail­able at up­com­ing ex­its and shows the cur­rent speed limit with a black or white back­ground when trav­el­ing at or be­low it or a red back­ground when you’re above it. A rec­om­men­da­tion: color the back­ground yel­low within 10 mph above the limit. One last ob­ser­va­tion: Two months and 5,000 miles in, I still haven’t learned that the power tail­gate switch is on the side of the cargo hold. (Nearly ev­ery­body else seems to put it on the gate.) Maybe by next up­date …

Snick­ers the won­der dog is once again safely teth­ered and rar­ing to road-trip.

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