What is it about the ex­pe­ri­ence of rid­ing an old bike?

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With old bikes, peo­ple aren’t amazed you got there quickly; they’re amazed you got there at all. They go, “What? You were on the free­way with this?” So that’s the fun part about it. My Brough Su­pe­rior SS100 is a V-twin. It weighs maybe 450 pounds, but it’s got 50 horse­power and it’s [ from] 1930. Con­se­quently, it’s pretty quick. But when it’s time to stop, you just find your­self say­ing, “Ex­cuse me! Sorry!” sail­ing through stop­lights and stuff. You learn to use the ac­ci­dent-avoid­ance tech­nol­ogy, you know?

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