5. Stay Loose

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This is eas­ier said than done—es­pe­cially if rid­ing off road makes you ner­vous— but noth­ing good comes from ex­ces­sive mus­cle ten­sion. It in­hibits bal­ance and fluid ma­neu­ver­ing. Try to sit with your body slightly for­ward to al­low your arms and torso to stay loose. Lightly clamp your legs against the tank to sta­bi­lize your body and al­low your arms and up­per torso to move freely. De­pend­ing on the sur­face, the bike may move around un­der­neath you more than usual. Stay­ing calm and get­ting used to the feel­ing will go a long way in build­ing con­fi­dence and im­prov­ing feel.

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