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ASK MY CO­WORK­ERS or any of my rac­ing bud­dies about my chain­hus­bandry habits and they’ll say they’re bor­der­line ob­ses­sive. I’m the guy who wipes down and lubes his links between races, and I’ve hollered over at rid­ers in traf­fic to let them know that their driv­e­trains need love. In a nut­shell, I’m nuts about chain main­te­nance.

And I have a kin­dred spirit in Basile Andrews, owner of Tirox and the cre­ator of the 360° chain brush. “I saw a lot of dirty chains out there,” Andrews says, “and I knew what prod­ucts were al­ready avail­able for clean­ing chains, and I knew I could do bet­ter.” And he has. I’ve tried nearly every clean­ing prod­uct and method out there, and aside from a sub­mer­sion in gaso­line (not rec­om­mended for O-ring chains), noth­ing does a more thor­ough job than the Tirox 360° brush.

As the brush’s name sug­gests, it hits the chain from all an­gles, so it reaches between the side plates, in among the rollers, and all around the O -rings. It’s ba­si­cally just a row of stiff ny­lon bris­tles, crimped in a steel spine and twisted into a spi­ral that en­cir­cles your chain two and a half times. The brush’s flex­i­ble na­ture means the same tool works on 400-, 500-, and 600-se­ries chains.

Us­ing the 360° bush is eas­ier than any other brush con­trap­tion out there, with no assem­bly or special po­si­tion­ing re­quired. Just douse your chain in kerosene or de­greaser, spin the brush on like a corkscrew, run it along the links, and rinse with a hose. I like to wipe the chain down with a clean rag and then take the bike for a quick ride to dry off all the wa­ter, and then it’s ready to re­ceive your chain lube of choice. Andrews has also de­vel­oped his own chain cleaner and lube (he says he was dis­sat­is­fied with other prod­ucts), and his cleaner comes with a 360° brush stored in the cap.

Why does a clean chain mat­ter? Well, it looks bet­ter, for one, but it also yields less fric­tion, bet­ter fuel mileage, qui­eter oper­a­tion, and longer life. And for clean-chain evan­ge­lists like Andrews and me, there’s even more to it than that. “It’s like get­ting that over­due hair­cut or clean­ing your garage. It just feels good, like you have cor­rected a wrong.” I couldn’t have said it bet­ter my­self.

A+ So sim­ple and ef­fec­tive, it’s amaz­ing that no­body thought of it be­fore.

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