And all the col­ors of the Loc­tite rain­bow

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MO­TOR­CY­CLES ARE HELLBENT on break­ing them­selves apart. The vi­bra­tions caused by the pulse of their cylin­ders and miles of pun­ish­ing as­phalt both work to undo all the care­fully torqued fas­ten­ers that hold the show to­gether. Loc­tite, man­u­fac­turer of thread-lock­ing com­pounds, has been mak­ing cer­tain the world’s nuts and bolts stay put since 1956. Clearly the stuff works, but ex­pe­ri­ence tells us that choos­ing the wrong for­mula for the ap­pli­ca­tion at hand can cause as much grief as los­ing a fas­tener al­to­gether.

Pur­ple Loc­tite Thread­locker 222 is made specif­i­cally for small fas­ten­ers, for­mu­lated for hard­ware up to 1/4 inch in di­am­e­ter like set or ad­just­ment screws, or any­thing that goes into low-strength met­als like brass or alu­minum. Best used on small threads, it’s re­mov­able with­out re­sort­ing to heat.

Like­wise, Blue Loc­tite Thread­locker 243 is a medium-strength for­mula de­signed for fas­ten­ers up to 3/4 inch in di­am­e­ter that are meant to be dis­as­sem­bled with hand tools. Per­fect for body-panel bolts, tank hard­ware, bash plates, or any­thing else that you may want or need to re­move once a sea­son, the blue goo tol­er­ates con­tam­i­nants and cleaning prod­ucts with­out de­grad­ing.

Red Loc­tite Thread­locker 263 is for hard­ware you hope you’ll never have to take apart again; sub­frame bolts, en­gine mounts, and kick­stands all itch for the stuff. It’s good for bolts up to one inch in di­am­e­ter and usu­ally re­quires some heat for dis­as­sem­bly.

Fi­nally, Green Loc­tite Thread­locker 290 is a wick­ing com­pound, which means it’s made for pre-as­sem­bled pieces. Drop it on, and it will work its way into a fas­tener’s nooks and cran­nies, seal­ing every­thing in place. It’s also great for elec­tri­cal con­nec­tors you don’t want com­ing apart.

Loc­tite Thread­locker 243 $24.99 / 36 ml tube The not-quite per­ma­nent Thread­locker

Loc­tite Thread­locker 263 $23 / 50 ml tube For pieces you don’t want com­ing apart

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