Muscle Car Review - - Not Really Restored -

These are just some of the restora­tion mis­takes Frank Badal­son spot­ted— and cor­rected—while work­ing on Richard Bo­eye’s Hemi Su­per Bee.

Frank re­moved the shifter boot and found shims that had been cut and fab­ri­cated to stiffen the shifter mech­a­nism.

“Ev­ery­thing painted silver” on the trans­mis­sion was clearly not stock and a sur­prise on such a valu­able mus­cle car.

The speedome­ter cable was melt­ing against the H-pipe.

In­side the Hemi, Frank found pushrods split from bang­ing against the rocker arms. If Richard had driven the car, he would have caused more dam­age, as those pushrods were too long. When Frank got through with his re­build, the 426 ran as it was in­tended....

The car­bu­re­tor link­age was “ab­so­lute junk” that some­body fab­ri­cated and was a “calamity of am­a­teur work.”

The idler arm was generic with a grease fit­ting.

n Wash­ers welded onto the drive­shaft are clearly not fac­tory but rather an am­a­teur method of bal­anc­ing. Frank has seen this be­fore.

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