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n Goodwin wanted power disc brakes all around. The Javelin came with fac­tory fourpis­ton front discs, but he con­verted them to late-1970s AMC Con­cord vented disc brakes for im­proved stop­ping power. The stock 1970 brakes are not only harder to find but also use non­vented ro­tors, so they don’t ex­pel the heat as well as a vented ro­tor. Up­grad­ing makes it eas­ier and cheaper to buy re­place­ment parts. Rear disc brakes came with the Ford 9-inch rear Goodwin sourced. An ad­justable pro­por­tion­ing valve was added for fine-tun­ing frontto-back stop­ping power.

“Most of these up­grades can be eas­ily pur­chased at any auto parts store”

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