1968 Charger

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The 1968 Charger fea­tured sweep­ing front fend­ers (hid­ing sub­tle el­lip­ti­cal fender-top arches that of­ten are sanded out in restora­tions), an enor­mous trunk (fur­ther elon­gated by the sail panel roof com­ing off the C-pil­lars), and wide stance. It was a to­tal de­par­ture from the heavy, hump­backed 1966-1967 de­sign that was adorned with fussy body sculpt­ing and “Jet Pack” de­tails re­call­ing 1960s show car ideas. The 1968 Charger, in con­trast, was un­like any­thing on the road: clean, mean, and void of friv­o­lous adorn­ments like hood em­blems or side mark­ings aside for a sim­ple “Charger” script (and R/T badges) cen­tered on the kamm­back tail and off­set in the grille. The fi­nal touch was the off­set fuel filler in­spired by race cars, mak­ing it the epit­ome of power and pres­ence.

“The ’Cuda was worth the wait”

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