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Body mod­i­fi­ca­tions: All uni­body seams welded, shock tow­ers gus­seted, front and rear of chas­sis tied to­gether via SCCA-ap­proved rollcage built by Ford XGarage and Kar Kraft

Front sus­pen­sion: Kar Kraft-mod­i­fied up­per and lower con­trol arms, NAS­CAR-spec­i­fi­ca­tion big bear­ing spin­dles, Koni dou­ble-ad­justable shock ab­sorbers, Lin­coln front disc brakes, KK front sway bar, Trans-Am quick-steer­ing arm

Rear sus­pen­sion: Ford 9-inch with 4.56 gears and True­trac, mod­i­fied Ford leaf springs, Koni dou­ble-ad­justable shocks, Kar Kraft Pan­hard bar, Lin­coln front disc brakes adapted to the rear

Wheels: 15x8 Amer­i­can-TA-70 Se­ries be­cause they are the strong­est wheels on the mar­ket

Tires: 6.00x15 front, 7.00x15 rear Goodyear

Engine: 1970 Boss 302 (built by Rob Kazen) with Crower bil­let crank­shaft; Crower I-beam con­nect­ing rods; JE pis­tons; Crower solid-roller camshaft (0.650 lift, 260 @ 0.050 du­ra­tion); Boss 302 cylin­der heads; Man­ley stain­less valves (2.09 in­take/1.91 ex­haust); Isk­ende­rian Tool Room springs; Crower re­tain­ers, locks, and roller rock­ers; Shelby valve covers; Bud Moore mini-plenum in­take man­i­fold; Hol­ley 850-cfm car­bu­re­tor; K&N air cleaner; Kazen Kraft stepped oval­tube head­ers; AC­CEL BEI ig­ni­tion; Boss 302 10-quart Trans-Am oil pan; Melling oil pump; Ste­wart Com­po­nents wa­ter pump; Davis alu­minum ra­di­a­tor

Trans­mis­sion: Close-ra­tio Ford Top Loader 4-speed by Par­adise Wheels; Til­ton fly­wheel, clutch, and pres­sure plate; Hurst shifter and link­age

Drive­shaft: Ocean­side Drive­shaft

Fuel sys­tem: ATL 22-gal­lon fuel cell

In­te­rior: Kirkey race seat, Ste­wart Warner gauges, Auto Power safety equip­ment

Weight: 3,300 lb

Top speed: 140+ mph

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