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One day in 1982, when Scott Sway­drak was driv­ing his 1970 Chal­lenger T/A down the streets of his Glen­view, Illi­nois, home­town, he no­ticed that he was be­ing fol­lowed. He pulled into a gas sta­tion, and the sus­pi­cious ve­hi­cle pulled in right be­hind him. When Scott stopped, the other driver popped out of his ve­hi­cle and said, “We’ve been look­ing for this car.”

Scott replied, “Who is ‘we’?” He re­calls think­ing, Is the car stolen? Is this the FBI?

Nei­ther. It turned out to be Roger Harney from Mono­gram Mod­els, which was based in nearby Mor­ton Grove. Roger was both friendly and per­sua­sive as he talked to Scott about hav­ing his E-Body serve as a ref­er­ence Chal­lenger for the cre­ation of a 1:24-scale 1970 Chal­lenger T/A plas­tic model kit.

Flat­tered, Scott agreed to bring his car to Mono­gram Mod­els to sup­ply the staff with needed pic­tures, mea­sure­ments, and de­tails of the car. The two-day process re­sulted in an ac­cu­rate kit for en­thu­si­asts. As a dis­play of grat­i­tude for the use of his Chal­lenger, Mono­gram sup­plied Scott with a case of 12 model kits and a pre­pro­duc­tion ver­sion built in just red plas­tic. Not many mus­cle cars can lay claim to hav­ing a mod­el­ing ca­reer.

n The Mono­gram model turned out great. Scott’s ac­tual li­cense plate, SAS 392, was in­cluded on the cover. n Pho­to­graphs and mea­sure­ments were taken by the staff of Mono­gram Mod­els in or­der to cre­ate a scale model ofScott Sway­drak’s Chal­lenger T/A. It took the bet­ter part of two days to col­lect all nec­es­sary in­for­ma­tion.

n Bob John­son, an ex­ec­u­tive at Mono­gram Mod­els, is seen shoot­ing pic­tures of the Chal­lenger T/A while a de­signer makes notes for pro­duc­tion pur­poses.

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