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n Clas­sic In­dus­tries of­fers a 1967 427-Corvette-style Stinger hood for 1967-1969 Camaros in ei­ther steel or fiber­glass. It has the same de­sign as the orig­i­nal A&A fiber­glass hood, and is a di­rect re­place­ment for the orig­i­nal fac­tory Su­per Sport hood. It has a func­tional cowl in­duc­tion in­ner panel that pro­vides cooler air di­rectly to the carb from the high pres­sure point at the base of the wind­shield. It’s de­signed to ac­cept the fac­tory 1969 Camaro cowl in­duc­tion flap­per door, seal, and so­le­noid. I went with the steel ver­sion so I could re­tain not only the stock hood hinges and hood latch, but also the springs. This hood ba­si­cally just fell right on the Camaro when in­stalled prior to paint and strip­ing. In ad­di­tion, a big plus is that it uti­lizes a fac­tory cowl in­duc­tion in­ner, so not only is it cool look­ing, but it also pro­vides cool air di­rectly to the carb.

“This hood ba­si­cally just fell right on the Camaro”




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