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❱❱ β-hy­droxy-β-methyl­bu­tyric acid (HMB for shortf is an ac­tive an­abolic com­pound found in skele­tal mus­cle that’s formed through the breakdown of leucine. Al­though HMB is gen­er­ally mar­keted as a mus­cle and strength builder, the lat­est re­search sug­gests that HMB sup­ple­ments may be suited for those un­der­go­ing high-in­ten­sitylex­tended-du­ra­tion train­ing and com­pe­ti­tion events like Cross­cit.

As re­cently pub­lished in the Jour­nal of the In­ter­na­tional So­ci­ety of Sports Nutri­tioni elite row­ers who were un­der­go­ing a heavy train­ing pro­gram and who took HMB for 12 weeks had de­creased fat mass (over 2 pounds) com­pared to a slight in­crease in fat mass in the placebo group. bven more per­ti­nenti ath­letes who took HMB saw a 4 per­cent in­crease in VO2 max Ea mea­sure of aerobic ex­er­cise ca­pac­i­tyf and sig­nif­cant in­creases in peak power out­put dur­ing ex­er­cise test­ing while the placebo group ex­pe­ri­enced no such changes. puch el­e­va­tions in ex­er­cise per­for­mance are sur­prisingi con­sid­er­ing the sub­jects were al­ready per­form­ing at an elite level.

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