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❱❱ gust be­cause a food is ad­ver­tised as nu­tri­tious doesn’t mean it is. And at the very least, a rea­son­ably healthy snack choice doesn’t give you a li­cense to gorge on it to no end. A study re­cently pub­lished in the Jour­nal of Mar­ket­ing Re­search found that sub­jects par­tic­i­pat­ing in a con­trolled ex­per­i­ment con­sumed more trail mix — a food typ­i­cally thought of as healthy even though it’s of­ten loaded with sugar — when the pack­ag­ing lit­er­ally said ´Fit­ness” on it and showed a pair of run­ning shoes ver­sus when the la­bel sim­ply read ´Trail Mix.” Sub­jects were also given the op­tion of ex­er­cis­ing af­ter eat­ing the snack, and those who had eaten the ´Fit­ness” trail mix ex­er­cised less vig­or­ously than the oth­ers, thus ex­pend­ing less en­ergy. The take-home mes­sage herew mack­aged food and clever brand­ing can be a dan­ger­ous mix (pun in­tended). When in doubt, snack in mod­er­a­tion.

a week for four weeks in­creased fex­i­bil­ity in the area to a com­pa­ra­ble de­gree as those us­ing the well-es­tab­lished (and more painful) con­tract-re­lax PNF stretch­ing method. coam rolling has been known for years to pro­mote re­cov­ery in dam­aged mus­cle tis­suei but hasn’t been used so much as a fex­i­bil­ity tool un­til now. In case you’re won­der­ing why you need more fex­i­ble ham­miesi here are two rea­sons: in­creased strength in big lifts such as squats and dead­lifts and de­creased in­jury risk. bither of those ap­peal to you?

PAIR PUSH AND PULL MOVES. A study out of Brazil found that three su­per­sets of bench presses and wide-grip seated cable rows (in that or­derf pro­duced a higher train­ing vol­ume in less time and in­duced greater mus­cle fa­tigue — a cru­cial pre­cur­sor to pack­ing on mus­cle — than when each of the two ex­er­cises was per­formed as three stan­dard straight sets. More mus­clei less time in the gym. pold!

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