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Even those who are im­pressed with their cur­rent squat would be hum­bled by this ex­er­cise. To per­form the Zercher cor­rectly, hold the bar­bell in the crook of your el­bows, main­tain a rigid up­per body and squat as nor­mal, re­sist­ing the in­evitable for­ward lean that the bar­bell place­ment in­vites.

Speed Bench mress


8 8 (each side)

8 (each side) 9 12 15 (each side)

100 Stiff-iegged aead­lift Bar­bell dlute Bridge

teighted Sit-rp

Max reps


cind 1om ae­cline Bench mress To fail­ure 10

10 60 sec­onds

20 sec­onds


cind 1om Sumo aead­lift from 4" Blocks 8 (each side) 10 (each side)

8 (each side) 6 (each side) 9


ppeed Bench Press


8 12

12 (each side) cor this ham-and-obliques killer, con­trol is key. ptand­ing with your feet far apart, raise the dumb­bell over­head and lock your arm in this po­si­tion. Bend over to touch the foor be­tween your feet or your same-side foot with your op­po­site hand, then re­verse di­rec­tion back to the start, keep­ing your eyes on the dumb­bell the whole time. Com­plete all reps for one side be­fore switch­ing.

4" 'efcit 'ead­liftno B~ck bx­ten­sion

Kneel­ing Cable Crunch Plank

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