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&are­o­hy­drates are a hotly deeated tosic Eoth in A:

terms oi their ei­iect on Shys­i­cal as­sear­ance and Se­ri­or­mance in the gym 'ietary care­o­hy­drates are im­sor­tant Ior main­tain­ing and Iuel­ing high in­ten­sity training Eut some ath­letes also ost to take Sre­work­out cares

&are­o­hy­drates eaten through­out the day are stored in the Eody un­til they’re needed dur­ing ex­er­cise &on­sum­ing careo hy­drates Eeiore a work­out can Sro­vide the en­ergy needed Ior a Iew more Ànal ress Ee­cause the Eody doesn’t need to Ànd stored glyco­gen to hels the mus­cles ,nstead it can rely on the ex­cess glu­cose Iound in the Elood thanks to the re­cent care­o­hy­drate in­take 3re­work­out cares are more ei­iec­tive when con­sumed Ey Seosle eat­ing a low care diet since they can al­le­vi­ate the low en­ergy caused Ey these di­ets

Sug­ars are gen­er­ally Eet­ter than com­slex care­o­hy­drates Sre­work­out since they can get to the Elood­stream in ² min­utes &om­slex care­o­hy­drates like wheat Eread will still im­srove the work­out Eut to a lesser de­gree since ae­sorstion takes longer Kees in mind that any Srotein con­sumed along side Sre­work­out cares will also slow down the ae­sorstion rate :hile sus­sle­ment mar­keters claim that cer­tain kinds oi sug­ars are Eet­ter Sre­work­out than oth­ers the di­i­ier­ences Eetween su­crose mal­tose mal­todex­trin and even Elended oats are mi­nor The Eiggest de­cid­ing Iac­tor is Ser­sonal taste Sreier­ence as well as stom­ach sen­si­tiv­ity Some Seosle like to sis on a sweet drink dur­ing a work­out while oth­ers Sreier fla­vor­less mal­todex­trin to avoid nau­sea and stom­ach us­set

3re­work­out care­o­hy­drates can Ee Eeneà­cial Ior any­one want ing to en­ergi]e their work­out Sar­tic­u­larly ii they’re al­ready eat ing a low care­o­hy­drate diet To Ànd what care­o­hy­drate works Eest Ior you start with a low dose to avoid So­ten­tial stom­ach us­set and grad­u­ally in­crease the dose

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