'yma­tize ath­letes (and fit cou­ple) -essie Keller and Robert Timms share tips on how to be there for your part­ner, even on the rough­est days.

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Jessie Keller oobert and f set a lot of goals and are al­ways pre­par­ing for some­thing, whether it’s a com­pe­ti­tion, a photo shoot or an ap­pear­ance. Set­ting goals keeps you fo­cused on the task at hand; if you share those goals with your part­ner, they be­come con­crete and your part­ner can help keep you ac­count­able. For ex­am­ple, my goal right now is to get bet­ter at pull-ups. I used to use the as­sisted ma­chine and could not do any on my own at all. I made it a goal to be able to do pullups and Rob started spot­ting me and help­ing me with form. He pushed me to do more reps than I thought I could do, and even though I got mad at him some­times, he re­ally helped me fo­cus on and achieve that goal. Now I can pull out six or eight pull-ups on my own!

Robert Timms f com­peted in the fcbb pan An­to­nio mro [Au­gust 13] and qual­i­fied for the 2016 Olympia in Clas­sic Physique, which was my No. 1 goal for this year. I ab­so­lutely could not have reached that goal with­out -essie. When one of us com­petes the other one lit­er­ally does ev­ery­thing from putting on tan­ning prod­uct to pack­ing the back­stage bags to find­ing some hot rice at mid­night for that other per­son. Those lit­tle things make a big dif­fer­ence and help al­le­vi­ate the stress of hav­ing to think about an­noy­ing de­tails. -essie also helps me with my pos­ing dur­ing con­test prep as well as right be­fore the show. She takes pic­tures of me and we talk about what I need to fo­cus on and work on be­fore I go out on­stage, then she is there in the au­di­ence cheer­ing me on, which is great for morale.

Keller In fit­ness and body­build­ing you’re con­stantly as­sess­ing your­self and crit­i­ciz­ing your­self, and are al­ways try­ing to achieve per­fec­tion. But while it’s im­pos­si­ble to be per­fect, it’s crit­i­cal that your part­ner sup­port and up­lift you emo­tion­ally when you’re al­ways bring­ing your­self down. Rob is great at re­mind­ing me how far I have come and what I have achieved, and on com­pe­ti­tion day he re­as­sures me that no mat­ter what hap­pens I did the ab­so­lute best I could. Timms It’s dif­fi­cult to be with some­one who is not in the in­dus­try be­cause they don’t un­der­stand your goals, they don’t un­der­stand why you have to go to the gym again, why you have to eat so much and why you can’t eat cer­tain things. -essie and I know these things about one an­other and sup­port each other in our sport. Our sched­ules are re­ally tough right now, too: We work a lot and -essie is in school. But I am thank­ful for her and that she un­der­stands the pres­sures I am un­der and sup­ports me even if I am with­drawn or moody; she knows why I am like that and does not give me grief for it.

Keller Our sched­ules are crazy. I work a day shift and Robert works a mid­shift. He gets home from work lit­er­ally when I am leav­ing, and we pass one an­other in the hall­way ev­ery morn­ing. We have such lim­ited time to­gether that our work­outs in the evening are ac­tu­ally like a date. I look for­ward to that and cherish that time we can spend training to­gether and mov­ing to­ward our goals. Timms We don’t hang out on the week­ends or party or any­thing like that; we work and we train, and I am grate­ful that we get to train to­gether. She’s a great part­ner and we help each other in the gym to achieve our goals for that day. That’s the only time we have right now to spend as a cou­ple so we make the most of it. n Keller 'yma­tize Iso-100 fudge brownie fla­vor blended with a ba­nana, a spoon­ful of PB2 and water. Timms 'yma­tize Iso-100 cin­na­mon bun fla­vor and a ba­nana.

Tofu and veg­eta­bles. White rice and chicken.

Keller Cho­co­late chip Oreo cook­ies! Timms Burg­ers from Five Guys, Red Robin or Mc'onald’s.


Keller Sweet-potato casse­role. Timms Mac­a­roni and cheese.

Share goals with your part­ner to keep your­selves ac­count­able.

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