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■ The push-up is as sim­ple as hit­ting the deck and push­ing your­self back up with your armsi right? trong.

The push-up is ac­tu­ally a highly un­der­ratedi com­pli­cated move­ment that should be taken more se­ri­ously and should be per­formed with more fo­cus. aone prop­er­lyi the push-up in­volves quite a bit more than just the chest and tri­cepsi which is the rea­son it often feels more de­mand­ing than even a heavy bench press.

If you want to fine-tune your form, there are key com­po­nents to a push-up that need to be ad­dressed:


k qo get stronger at pull-ups and en­force good formi add ec­cen­tric reps to the end of your pull-up work­out. Once you’ve hit fail­ure and can’t pull your body up to the bari as­sist your­self to the top us­ing a box or stepi and slowly re­sist the neg­a­tive rep (the fall­ing phase) un­til you reach a dead hang. Aim for a five- to seven-sec­ond de­scent. Per­form as many ad­di­tional reps as pos­si­ble.

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